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This Woman Built A House On Wheels And Travelled From Alaska To Florida For A Year


Have you ever felt like you want to quit everything you are doing and go out and explore the world for a few weeks living like a nomad, but then at the same time you were too lazy to actually get out of your comfort zone and leave your home, being afraid that traveling could ultimately make your life unpredictable?

Well, turns out… You can really have it all.

How? Well, if you are genius enough to build a house on wheels and then spend your life driving wherever you want to go!

It’s that easy. And I never thought of it.

Luckily for us, Jenna and her partner did.

Jenna’s inspiring story begins four years ago. Frustrated with her 9-5 job film-making job and her dull lifestyle, Jenna decided to make some changes. She could no longer take the pressure of working something she’s not passionate about, so she and her husband agreed to change the course of their journey.

Their vision was to start living a more minimalistic, sustainable life off the grid. And so, with the savings they had, they’ve built their tiny house and spend one year traveling and focusing on their new passions–photojournalism and blogging.

They started by working only on the weekends, but then after some time, when they finally felt a bit more financially stable, they quit their jobs and started focusing on their new adventure full-time. Within a year, these two incredible humans traveled about 25,000 miles (all the way from the Arctic Circle in Alaska to Florida. And it was all done from the comfort of their own tiny house.

Tell me, how cool is that? Can you imagine the joy of living life one adventure at a time?

I definitely could. If you ask me, I would give up everything right now to live in this tiny, cozy home and travel the world. This is what I call goals in life! The jealousy is real!

Here’s a video of their life journey. If you are interested in how they’ve built it and how is life living in a tiny, portable home, check it out! And if you want to follow their adventures and other tiny houses around the world, make sure to give them a follow on Instagram.


Stephanie Reeds