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Maybe Right Now Your Journey Isn’t About Finding Love, But Finding Yourself


Oh, love… You have so much of it in your precious little heart. You are ready to give it to the one and only person that is meant to come into your life. Still, he’s nowhere near. He’s nowhere to be found.

Everything that life gives you is disappointments. You expect a miracle, but in return you get nothing. It feels like the whole Universe has conspired against you. It feels like you are all alone in this world. It feels like out of all the people in this galaxy, you are the only one who cannot find its own piece of the puzzle. Its own soulmate.

I am familiar with that feeling… I know how hard it is to go through life thinking that if you don’t find the other part of you, you are incomplete. But I also know that it is even harder to eventually realize that you don’t need another person to be complete.

What you need is time to find yourself…

So, here’s a thought for you.

What if despite all of your efforts and all of your fights, now isn’t the right time to meet that person? What if right now your journey is not about finding love, but finding yourself?

Have you thought about that?

Maybe right now at this moment, your journey in life is about being alone. About experiencing the world through your lenses, finding who you truly are and finally embracing the real you. Maybe right now, you are being given a lifetime chance to be the person you were always meant to be, to explore, to fail, to learn, to find your calling and live life to the fullest.

being alone

I am not saying that you are not destined for love. All I am saying is that maybe love isn’t supposed to come knocking on your door right now. Maybe it is meant to happen after you’ve experienced the greatest transformation of your life. Maybe the time that you are spending alone is supposed to teach you some of the biggest lessons. Whatever it is, I know that it is exactly what you need at the moment. God never gives you more than you can handle…

So, perhaps, right now your journey isn’t about finding the right one for you. Perhaps this is God trying to challenge you. To help you learn how to live with yourself, to help you realize that it is not scary to be alone, to give you hope that you always have yourself. Perhaps right now you are being reminded that self-love is the first thing that you have to do for yourself. Perhaps it is finally time to understand that you, my darling are and always will be your own savior. Your own safe place…  

Embrace it. There is no need to fear the unknown. You are okay on your own.

Give yourself the love that you so desperately want to give to another human being.

Let your soul heal. You owe it to yourself.

Stephanie Reeds