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Waiting Is A Powerful Tool: If You Don’t Know What To Do, Give Yourself Time

Waiting Is A Powerful Tool: If You Don’t Know What To Do, Give Yourself Time

I’ve been an impatient person for a very long time in my life. If there is something I’ve hated the most throughout my life that was waiting. I just wanted things to happen to me, you know? Right then and there.

Waiting? I had no time to waste on waiting.

I never understood people who preferred spontaneity over routine. My life was pretty much organized and planned. It was my personal belief that waiting is just an excuse for not taking action…

Until one day, life hit me unexpectedly and left me helpless.

That was the moment when I first realized how powerful and important waiting actually is.

In life, there is a proper timing to all things. Everything that happens to us is meant to happen at its own pace and in its own time. However, this doesn’t always align with our own timing. So, in moments like these, we do what we know best. We force life. We force things to happen according to our plans, without ever realizing that we are going against something stronger than us. Against life itself.

Just look back over your life. I dare you. First, remind yourself of all the decisions that you forced yourself to make and the consequences of those actions. Then, think about the times when you instantly knew what to do without having a single doubt on your mind.

There is a big difference, right?

Of course, there is. Making decisions based on your deep sense of knowing is the only right way. That doesn’t mean that everything will turn out the way you wanted. But it means that there is a deep feeling inside of you that you choose to follow, no matter how things turn out. There is this strong sense of “NOW IS THE TIME” that sparks up the fire inside of you and spurs you into action.

However, in order to do that, you have to unhook yourself from the mind. For the mind hates uncertainty. The more you go over many options, try to predict the future, minimize the consequences and avoid the obstacles, the deeper you lose yourself inside your confused mind.

You waste your time overthinking something that doesn’t feel right at the moment. Something that doesn’t produce an action that calls to you. Something that doesn’t give you the urge to move. 

In moments like these, the only thing that you need to remember is this… If you aren’t certain what to do, don’t do anything.

Instead, give yourself time and wait.

Wait until your head clears and you know what your next move is going to be. Wait until you finally feel confident about stepping into the unknown. Wait until intuition comes knocking at your door. Wait until that voice inside of you whispers “DO IT”. Wait until you feel no fear of failing. Wait until your senses urge you to move forward.

If you have to overthink something and talk yourself into doing it, that is a clear sign that you shouldn’t. It is your instinct trying to tell you to not rush it.

So, take a step back. Listen to your gut. Don’t rush through life. Linger in the moment. Wait for the sign. And no matter what happens, have faith that when the time is right,  you will know…

Stephanie Reeds