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Having A Blunt, Honest Friend In A World Like Ours Is A True Blessing. This Is Why:

Having A Blunt Honest Friend

Sweet talks may soothe the ear, but the brutal truth does much more. It soothes the heart.

It is no doubt that as humans, it is in our nature to fall for sugar-coated versions of reality. We like living in our pink, perfect worlds faraway from the bitter reality. That is why we are often deceived by people who have honey dripping from their mouth. We mistake them for real friends, avoiding the fact that it is exactly those who have sharper tongues that care for us the most.

Having a blunt person as your best friend may be a challenge and a difficulty at times, but it is the greatest blessing in life. The ones who have this person by their side know what I am talking about.

Here are 6 reasons why a blunt, honest friend is the best friend you will ever find:

1. Blunt people always tell the truth. Honesty is their policy. No matter how much it costs. And no matter how much it hurts you. If you have a blunt friend as your life companion, know that you will never hear anything less than the truth. People like this are honest and they are not afraid to state their opinions, no matter how brutal they may sound.

2. They are an open book. As I already said, a blunt person follows their values in life and is convinced that things are either right or wrong. There is no middle ground for these people. They like to live in extremes. If something doesn’t feel right, they won’t hesitate to face you and tell you what bothers them. Blunt friends are very open about sharing their feelings and thoughts.

Having A Blunt, Honest Friend

3. Blunt people don’t go behind their friends’ backs. They tell it like it is and they do it to your face. There is no such thing as scheming, plotting and sugarcoating the truth. They prefer to deal with their issues by making you aware of your shortcomings instead of talking behind your back and humiliating you in front of others. If you have this person by your side, be grateful.

4. They will show you what friendship really means. Having this person in your life will make you realize that true friendships exist. A blunt, honest friend will introduce you to the purest version of love. They won’t be the epitome of perfection, but they will love you in their own, special way.

5. They will make your life happier. A blunt, honest friend will never fail to make you laugh. Overall, they will be the one to teach you that life is even shorter if not lived properly.

6. Most importantly, they will love you genuinely, from the bottom of their vulnerable hearts. If you have a blunt friend as your life companion, know that they will always stick with you. Whatever you go through, they will be right there to pick you up and show you the way. They will do all of this and more because of one simple reason. Their love for you.

The truth is, blunt people may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when these people love, they do it purely from the heart. If you have someone who is ready to go to any lengths for you, without expecting something in return, consider yourself the luckiest person alive.

And please, don’t ever forget to let them know how grateful you are for having them in your life.

Stephanie Reeds