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Macklemore’s Gift To His 100-Year-Old Grandma Is Astonishing Everyone


If your grandmother says that she doesn’t want anything for her up-coming 100 birthday what would you do? Well, Macklemore of “Thrift Shop” fame has the perfect answer to this question.

Namely, he celebrated her birthday by showing up to her house and taking her out to treat her with a day of doing the things she wanted to do.

He filmed the day of the birthday celebration and he made that the music video of his latest hit “Glorious.”


“He was very nice about it, he said I would love to have you do this, will you do this for me? I said of course,” the grandmother said. “Anytime I can have my grandkids around I love it. We’re a great family, we have a lot of fun.”

And he wrote her grandmother a note, saying: “Grandma – nothing is more Glorious than you. Happy 100th. Thank you for the Werther’s Originals. The advice. And for being a part of something that I’ll treasure forever. Love Ben.”

Watch the full video below.

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