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10 Reasons Why You Feel Emotionally Drained And What You Can Do To Help Yourself


Have you ever felt exhausted without doing any physical work? People can get emotionally and physically tired just from studying or from trying to solve a problem that is bothering them. This is because mental thinking processes are just as demanding as the physical ones. They take out energy from us and can leave us feeling drained.

The same is true with our emotions. When your mind is overwhelmed with too many sensations and too much information and your emotions are getting heavy – it works harder to keep your body under control which results in you, feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted.

So, what are the things that make you feel emotionally drained? Here are the most common reasons why you feel that way.

1. Involving Yourself in Bad Relationships

The fact is that people with whom we spend our time are influencing our thoughts and emotions. Moreover, conflicts will inevitably arise and as a result, our emotions will become affected. Even more so if you are involved in a toxic relationship.

There is nothing more harmful and damaging to your mental health than a relationship that is bad and toxic for you. This includes all kinds of toxic relationship – romantic relationships, social relationships, and familial relationships.

A toxic relationship is a toxic relationship and you must put an end to it if you want to keep your sanity even if this means cutting our friends, family members, or romantic partners. Your mental energy and wellbeing are important, and you should protect it no matter what.

2. Forgetting About Yourself and Your Needs

Anytime you put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own, you’ll feel emotionally drained as a result. When you are not rewarding yourself about your accomplishments, when you forget to pamper yourself and stop doing the things that you love – your brain will get filled with negative emotions thus make you feel powerless and emotionally exhausted.

3. Your Immense Need for Perfectionism

Being a perfectionist can be emotionally tiresome as well. If you are someone who is obsessed with getting everything perfectly done, then you are prone to experience a variety of negative emotions every time the things don’t go according to your plans.

This is very damaging to your emotional health because not everything is in your control. Life can be pretty random and surprise you in the most unexpected ways. So, accepting the fact that not everything needs to be perfect is vital for your mental health.

4. Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Yes, you are strong, and you might think that you can handle anything, but in the process, you’ll inevitably start feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically bad. Even if you are doing your everything to exclude your emotions from your businesses, your emotions are still affected when you are under stress.

5. Being Sick

When you are sick, you are vulnerable to be stressed about your condition. This can seriously affect your feelings, and drain your mental energy just thinking about your sickness and being tied to your bed for days. After all, when your body feels bad, so feels your mind.

6. Being in A Mess

When your office, your house, or even your environment is a mess, it can have a tremendous effect on your emotions. Seeing the mess can leave you feeling frustrated, annoyed, and exhausted just by thinking about it.

7. Being Dependent on Someone or Something

When you are focused only on one thing or on one person, and you have invested all your emotions and energy on them – you are in danger of becoming disappointed any time they fail to offer you the support or the things you need. This can greatly affect your emotions and you will start feeling emotional turmoil and exhaustion.

8. Reading Bad News

Bad things are constantly occurring in the world. And if you read about all the evil things that are happening, you’ll lose your faith in humanity and you will start absorbing all these negative feelings that will leave a mark on your emotional wellbeing.

9. Not Knowing When and How To Say ‘NO’

When you constantly agree to everything because you are afraid that you might hurt other people’s feelings, then you’ll start feeling furious and resentful towards yourself for not being able to say ‘no.’ This will affect your emotions and your energy levels (in a bad way).

10. Not Doing the Things That Make You Happy

Doing the things that you love and enjoy doing is essential for your happiness, your peace, and the harmony of your emotions. When you cease doing the things that make you happy and fulfilled, everything in your life will go out of balance and you’ll start feeling like you’ve lost a part of yourself.

So, what can you do about this? How can you regain your emotional strength and energy?

First, you need to identify the source of your dissatisfaction. Go through the reasons above and find what is the main cause of your emotional discomfort, so that you can decide which steps you need to take to turn around your situation.

Second, you need to openly communicate your feelings with your loved ones. If you think that the problem is in the relationship you have with other people, then you must discuss your situation openly with them. This is vital to improving your relationships with others while taking care of your mental health at the same time.

Third, you must put yourself and your needs first and change what needs to be changed. Follow your heart’s desires. Do what you need to do to achieve your goals and dreams. And remember, if you want to change something – the change must come from yourself first.

Finally, break free from your limitations and find your lost strength again.

Because, after all, the only reason why you are feeling emotionally exhausted is that you keep allowing it to happen. Only when you make a conscious decision to change whatever it is that is making you feel drained, you’ll notice a change.

Mary Wright


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