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Loving Someone Who Loves You Back Is The Most Beautiful Thing In The World

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You may not see it right now, but one day, you will look back at this moment and see that everything turned out for the better. You may feel alone and lonely now, but that won’t be for too long. The love you crave is waiting for you.

Even though you come home to an empty apartment right now, someday there will be someone waiting for you. Someone who will love you and care for you with the same intensity as you do for them. You will be home with them and you won’t even think about the nights you’ve spent alone.

Someday, you’ll find everything you were looking for in a human form in front of you. You will have all the love you deserve and you will be happy and peaceful in their arms. You will no longer have to fight your battles alone. You will have a lover and a best friend all in one person.

You won’t overthink, you won’t second-guess yourself because with them you will find your peace. They will make you fall in love with yourself and remind you of your worth. They will make you feel like the greatest person in the world.

You won’t spend your Sundays alone. You will be waking up with a huge smile on your face because the person you love will be with you. You both can’t wait to plan yet another wonderful day and enjoy each other’s company.

And whenever you are feeling down, you will have your person next to you to make everything better. You will be free to express yourself without fear of judgment because your person won’t ever make you feel small and insignificant. They will do anything to make you happy because they will hate seeing you sad and upset.

This person will love the real you – the you you don’t show to anyone.

You will finally feel what it is like to have a person who looks at you as if you are the most perfect person. Someone who loves your imperfections. Someone who loves everything of you with all their heart.

Maybe you don’t believe this because you are tired of meeting flaky people and dating partners who are wrong for you. But we’ve all been there. It is a normal process before meeting the right one.

And when you do meet them, you will finally feel at home.

Mary Wright