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Happy Couples Don’t Hold Grudges, They Focus On Solving Their Problems


Say what you will, but a relationship without conflict is not a relationship. Why am I saying that?

Well, let’s put it simply. Not arguing or in other words, not having disagreements in a relationship is a serious red flag that the people in the relationship may not be on the same page about what they’re doing, which may eventually result in lack of communication, which can also lead to resentment and repressed feelings that can backfire when we no longer control them.

If you think that being in a relationship means pink skies, rainbows, and unicorns for the rest of your life, you my friend are living an illusion.

In marriage, conflict is inevitable. But it is those who choose to be open about how they feel and find a solution to their issues instead of holding grudges that end up staying together forever.

Here are 7 ways happy couples argue differently:

1. They focus on solving the problem, not pointing fingers. Happy couples are happy because their relationship is the first on their priority list. They know that blaming each other and holding grudges won’t do anything except create a bigger tension between them. That’s why they focus on finding a solution to their issues, rather than pointing fingers.

2. They don’t give up on each other. People who genuinely love each other are ready and willing to do everything to make it all work. They are committed to helping one another overcome the problems and carry on. Being mad doesn’t resolve anything. Working together does.

3. They listen. Not only to reply but also to put themselves into their partner’s shoes and understand the reasons behind their actions. Happy couples stay together because they don’t judge their partners for behaving a certain way. They listen. They respect their partner’s different opinions and then they put all their efforts into finding a solution.

4. They put their egos aside. Happy couples don’t let their pride get in the way. When life faces them with an obstacle, they forget about their egos and focus on the challenge. More importantly, in moments like those, there’s no such thing as being right or wrong. There’s only open communication, respect, mutual understanding, and unconditional trust.

5. They like to focus on the bright side of life. Whatever it is that they’re going through, happy couples always focus on finding the positive side of every situation. That’s the secret to their happiness. To their everlasting bond. Their unshakable connection. Their love. These people don’t consider their disagreements weaknesses. On the contrary, each conflict and each fight is just another life lesson.

6. They compromise. It takes two people to tango. And it takes two people to make a relationship work. Two, mature, caring and loving individuals that will do whatever it takes to make things right and keep their love alive, despite all the odds and all the struggles.

7. More importantly, they never ever withhold their love. No matter what happens. No matter how bad things are. No matter how many mistakes they’ve made. No matter how hard life is… People who love each other don’t hold back their love. They let go of their ego and open their hearts.

Stephanie Reeds