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Quarantined Man Sends His Dog To The Market To Get Snacks And He Delivers

a guys sends his dog to get cheetos

Remember that a few days ago, the WHO (World Health Organization) officially announced that dogs cannot get infected by the Coronavirus? Now, remember those ridiculous memes and videos about sending our dogs to get groceries instead of us? They went instantly viral and made all of us laugh. Well, almost all of us.

One guy didn’t think of it as a joke, but rather a very practical and creative way to practice social distancing while satisfying his cravings during these difficult times.


Antonio Munoz didn’t wait long until he put these ideas into practice. He felt like having a snack, so he decided to put his dog to the test.

And instead of neglecting his cravings or even worse going out himself, he sent his dog to the market across the street hoping that he will finally get his Cheetos. Luckily the department store was just across the street, so he decided to let his doggo for a walk.


He wrote a note explaining what he needs and attached it to the doggo’s collar along with 20 dollars. The note that Munoz sent said: “Hello Mr. Shopkeeper. Please sell my dog some Cheetos, the orange kind, not the red ones, they’re too hot. She has $20 attached to her collar. WARNING: She will bite if not treated right. Your front neighbor.”


Even though the doggo seemed a little bit confused at first, he executed the task perfectly.


This just goes to show that despite the common misconception that Chihuahuas are just little, angry troublemakers, they can be truly caring and helpful to humans. Chihuahua breeder Patricia Johanson says “It’s true that chihuahuas have a reputation among some for being feisty, snappy, difficult to potty train, and loud. That’s because individuals differ significantly from one another within the breed. But they can definitely be trained and there are plenty of chihuahuas in competitive sports, shows, and in movies, showing that they absolutely can be trained to advanced levels.”

Here are some adorable photos that Munoz managed to capture of his doggo on his way back home.

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And here’s how the internet reacted to this story.

Well, what can I say… It seems like desperate times do call for desperate measures. Honestly, I’d think twice before sending a chihuahua to the store. But that’s just me.

Would you send your pet to get your groceries for you?

Stephanie Reeds