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Love Is Not A Romantic Novel, You And Your Partner Must Fight To Save Your Relationship


Love is not a one-way ticket to a magical place where you and your partner will live happily ever after.

Love is not a fantasy land where there is no fighting and partners decide to agree with each other before saying or doing things they’ll regret. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, a relationship where no one gets hurt.

And that is okay. We don’t need to have a fairytale life or a fairytale ending because that would be boring.

What we need is to have a partner who understands. Someone who gets how difficult it will be, but they are prepared to take the leap of faith anyway. Someone who is prepared to follow us through the darkest, someone who accepts every part of us, good and bad. Someone who can take the blame and apologize when they are wrong. Someone who can admit they were an asshole that time and they’ll do their best to correct themselves.

Because it doesn’t matter how much money you have, how much you love each other, how stable and successful you are – there are still going to be problems and pain.

There will still be things you can’t predict. There will be tears no matter how often you two laugh together. Tough times will come when you least expect them.

Because love is not always sunshine and butterflies. Sometimes no matter how compatible you and your partner are, you can’t seem to see eye to eye. Sometimes no matter how amazing and awesome you are, you will suck, and you’ll make a mistake. Things will go wrong no matter how good person you are because it’s a natural thing.

You and your partner will sometimes fail each other.

You will drive yourselves insane trying to understand each other. You will say some hurtful words and treat each other like shit. And it may take hours or days before you start seeing things clearly and admit that you were being total idiots and apologize to each other.

Your loved one will hurt you again and again and again. But, after every heartbreak comes strength and growth as long as you stay committed to each other.

If you start seeing every fallout as an opportunity to heal your relationship and move forward, you’ll be okay. Your love for each other will be stronger and more powerful than ever.

But, YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGHT and refuse to give up.

Mary Wright