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Don’t Romanticize Pain – Don’t Stay In A Dysfunctional Relationship Just Because You Love Someone


Many people believe that if you truly love someone, even if there are a hundred reasons to leave, you should find that one reason to stay. In many cases, sometimes that one reason is love.

We believe that love will conquer all and that being in love with someone is enough to overcome all obstacles and justify all rude behavior, mistakes, and hurt. That’s not right.

I believe that if you really love someone and if you do find a hundred reasons to leave – you will have the strength to gracefully leave.

Don’t romanticize pain. Nothing is beautiful and heroic in staying in an unhealthy relationship. A relationship in which partners damage and hurt each other is disastrous and you should leave it – without second-guessing, without justifying it.

Love is the only thing in the world that shouldn’t ache and a relationship between two people who love each other shouldn’t be difficult.

Of course, it won’t be perfect. There will be conflicts, arguments, and misunderstandings. However, it should never come to a point where it breaks us more than it lifts us up and inspire us to grow.

And perhaps if you and your partner are meant to be together love will not be a series of breaking up and making up. It won’t be constant yelling and arguing. There won’t be any scars and heartaches, but only peace, comfort, and harmony.

Because love is inspiring each other to bloom and reach their highest potential. True love should set you free. True love is allowing your partner to be whoever they want to be and go wherever they need to go and supporting them in the process.

So, maybe when it is too much, and the pain is constant, maybe it is time for you to leave.

Leave because there isn’t anything left to hold on to.

Leave because they are not the one for you.

Leave because you must save your inner peace.

Leave to save your heart.

Mary Wright