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8 Telltale Signs That You’ve Found A True Friend For Life


We all have close friends, but true friendship is not that easy to come by. They’re more than just a best friend, they’re your soulmate. Through thick and thin, they’ll always stick by your side. Having a real friend makes your life so much brighter just because they’re in it.

Your best friend may or may not be this person for you. If you think that they might be, here are 8 telltale signs that you’ve found a true friend for life.

1. You Trust Each Other

No healthy relationship can last without trust. This isn’t just a rule for romantic relationships, but friendships too. You and your friend trust each other with absolutely anything. Whatever is said between you two, stays between you as well.

2. They Support You Through Everything

No matter what happens in life, your friend will be there to support you through it all. You could decide to drop everything and move to Mexico, but they will still be right there with you. 

3. You Can Always Make Each Other Laugh

The world can be fairly dark and brooding. Although your friend is there to help you through the serious stuff, they have a fun side too. You two laugh together all the time and never fail to set the other off into a fit of giggles.

4. They Always Respect Your Boundaries

Sometimes, you need your space. They understand that and won’t get offended when you need to be away from them for a little while. Equally, when they need time alone, you back off without taking it personally.

5. You’re Both Different but You Don’t Mind

No two people are the same. Although you and your friend may be similar in a lot of ways, you also have a lot of differences. There are things that you both disagree on, but it never stands in the way of your friendship.

6. After a Long Time Away, It’s Like You Never Left

Maybe you haven’t seen your friend for two months, that doesn’t really matter though. When you finally do get to see them, nothing has changed. You don’t need too long to catch up because it’s as if you never even left in the first place.

7. Oversharing is Not a Problem

At this point, you’ve told each other all of your stories. You’ve heard and seen it all and nothing can scare you away. Nothing that you tell each other is ever too big of a deal or too much information.

8. You Couldn’t Imagine Your Life Without Them

They really are your best friend. They’ve been with you through so much and you want them to be with you for the rest of your adventures to come. Any time that you imagine your future, you see them by your side.

Not every friend that you’ll have will be a true friend. When you do find true friendship with a person that you connect with deeply and unconditionally, you need appreciate how lucky you are to have them in your life. Having someone like that will provide you with support, love, joy, and fun every day of your life.

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Eva Jackson