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Love Doesn’t Always Come Easy To People Who Refuse To Settle For Anything

Love Doesn’t Come Easy To People Who Refuse To Settle For Anything

Why do so many brilliant, incredible, and independent people struggle to find love?

That is a question that has been bothering me for a while.

Some say it’s because they’re picky. Me? I wouldn’t be so quick to label them as picky.

The truth is, these people have been raised to believe in love. Ever since they were little kids, they have been taught to never stop until they find the real thing in life. To never accept anything else than honesty, love, and loyalty. To never change in order to fit another person’s world. To never compromise their core values for other people. To never give up on who they truly are in order to be liked and ultimately, loved.

More importantly, they’ve been taught self-love.

They’ve been taught to respect and love themselves. To always stand up for themselves and fight for the things they believe in. They’ve been raised with the idea that true happiness lies only within their hearts. And that no one out there can really make them happy if they are not happy with themselves first.

And because of that, they’ve grown up to be independent and confident human beings.

People who would never stop searching for the real things in life. People who would never settle for the crumbs. People who would look for love even if the world is falling apart.

Unfortunately, we all know how it goes. Life isn’t always as simple as we expect it to be. And that is one of the reasons why these people often struggle to find the real things in life. One of the reasons why love doesn’t always come easy to them.

Some are intimidated by their strength and their independent spirit and some people are simply not ready to take a leap of faith and join them on their journey. Some label them as picky and others cannot offer as much as they can. Some mistake them for being uninterested in love or that they are fine with being single, so they don’t even try pursuing them. Others simply avoid them because they are not strong enough to handle their strength. In some cases, even they make the mistake of falling for the wrong people.

All in all, having in mind how brutal this world of ours is, they don’t have it easy when it comes to love.

And so, because they do not settle for less than what they need in life, they are often very limited in their choices. So much that in some cases, they end up alone for a long time and ultimately they lose hope.

But while I understand this as a person who has pretty much experienced this first hand, I have to say this. There is nothing wrong with being that person. There is nothing wrong with valuing your freedom and being independent. In fact, that is something that should make you even prouder of yourself. If that is true then this world doesn’t fit you.

But then again, perhaps you weren’t made to fit this world. Perhaps you were brought here to create a world on your own. And if I am right, then there is also someone out there destined to do the same. Someone who was brought here to eventually bump into you and help you build that world.

So, you see. It’s not all that dark. People who are free and confident and independent do indeed have it harder when it comes to love. But that is only because this world is too small for them.

Stephanie Reeds