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Don’t Let The Commitment Phobe Hold You Back From Finding True Love

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You think that you cannot live without him. Every thought you have is dedicated to him, the emotionally unavailable man that you hope will change for you. That one day he will become the most loving and affectionate man because he will realize what you mean to him. That one day he will give you everything you deserve.

Well, it is time to lose the fantasy. You shouldn’t waste your time waiting for a man who has clearly said to you that he doesn’t want commitment. Stop making excuses for him. It’s not that he is not ready for a relationship. It’s not that he needs time. The man clearly isn’t that into you as you think he is and he is waiting for a better option while he strings you along. Move on because you are waiting in vain.

Don’t let a man like this ruin your life. He won’t change. He won’t suddenly realize he loves you or see your value. This guy will only waste your time if you let him until he finds what he is looking for.

Don’t settle for a man who doesn’t commit to you in a real way. Don’t hurt yourself like that. There are plenty of guys who would give anything to be with a woman like you. The man who truly loves you won’t leave you hanging. He won’t leave you wondering. He will step up and show you his intentions towards you which will be serious and genuine.

Because you are not meant for half-ass things, let alone half-ass love. You deserve to have the love and relationship you’ve always dreamed of having.

So, leave the half-asser, commitment-phobe behind and explore your options. Enjoy your single life until you find that someone who will be deserving of your love and everything you have to offer.

Keep your head high, and your standards higher!


Mary Wright