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Love After Heartbreak Is Possible: You Just Have To Believe You Can Find It

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It does seem like the end of the world. I know it does. It seems like the hardest thing in life. To start believing once again after you’ve had your heart broken. To find real love after you’ve been deceived by the one you loved. To open your heart to the possibility of happiness after you’ve faced the greatest disappointment of your life.

It is hard, I know. But it’s not impossible.

It is painful to give yourself in once more, not knowing if the person on the other side will really catch you this time. Not knowing that this time will be different. Real. Just like it is supposed to be. But it is worth it. It’s worth the risk. Worth the pain. Worth all the tears. Believe me. It is worth it because ultimately, there is nothing more wonderful and life-changing than loving and being loved.

I understand that you might not be ready for this talk just yet, I do. But personally, I feel that this is exactly what you need to hear right now. I genuinely believe that reading this will help you heal and move forward. Whatever that is to you. Moving on might not particularly mean finding love in your case. It might be reconnecting with yourself, awakening your creativity, getting out of your comfort zone after a long time, making friends with people, enjoying every single moment of life. Existing. Living. Breathing.

But whatever it is, I still want you to know that it is possible. Finding love after a devastating heartbreak is possible. You just have to believe in it. You have to have hope that life has wonderful things in store for you. You have to know that one day, you will find what you’ve been looking for your entire life.

In the meantime, don’t be afraid to seek help. Don’t be afraid to turn to all the people in your life for support. Let them in and allow them to be there for you. Allow them to help you go through to all the pain and sadness. Let them bring you back to life. Let them take care of you. Let them shelter you inside their hearts and then when you are ready, continue your journey.

Choose your path and keep walking confidently in the direction of your dreams. Keep your head up, carry your shield with you, but don’t hide that heart of yours. Wear it on your sleeve. Show others that you will never stop believing in love, no matter what. Be brave to look for the things that make your soul flourish. BE YOU. I promise that you’ll be fine.

Stephanie Reeds