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A Person Who Verbally Mistreats You, Doesn’t Deserve To Be A Part Of Your Life

A Person Who Verbally Mistreats You, Doesn’t Deserve To Be A Part Of Your Life

Verbal mistreatment is a serious issue. It’s everything that some people consider a normal part of the relationship. Everything that some victims overlook and choose to accept out of love for their partner. It’s yelling without any reason for it. It is being blamed for the way you feel. It is being criticized. Judged. Humiliated. By your partner. The love of your life. The one person that you would never ever dare to hurt. All of it is abuse, even though it’s not physical.

And trust me. It’s not love. No matter what someone tells you, do not even think for a second that a person who is capable of mistreating you this way truly cares for you. I know it hurts to accept it, but that’s the truth. Someone who loves you would never make you feel bad about yourself. So, please. Don’t be one of those who normalize such toxic behavior.

Here are 7 signs of verbal mistreatment in a relationship:

1. Your partner judges and criticizes you. A person who loves you truly loves you for the person you are. They love you for your values, your opinions, your differences, even your flaws, and your imperfections. In other words, this person would never dare judge you or attack you for your choices.

2. They blame you for everything. They even go as far as to accuse you of their feelings. Always remember. You are not responsible for the way someone feels. Their feelings have nothing to do with you, but with the way they respond. Don’t let someone blame you for their mistakes.

3. They embarrass you in front of people. This only shows that the person you consider your friend, your loved one does not really care about how you feel. It shows that they do not respect you enough to keep your secrets safe and protect your dignity.

4.They make fun of your insecurities. People who tend to mistreat their partners verbally do it by hitting them very low. When I say hitting, what I mean is making fun of them about things that bother them and mercilessly humiliating them in front of everyone. That is not something that a person who loves you does.

5. They are overly possessive and crazy jealous of you for no reason. So much that they even make threats toward you. A person who crosses your boundaries and becomes jealous without no reason is a person who clearly doesn’t trust you. And the threats? They are a sign that you are with the wrong person, indeed. This is more than enough reason for you to leave once and for all.

6. They like to order you around. Without even asking if you want to do something or if you are okay with doing something, but rather telling you that you have to do that, or else there will be consequences. I cannot think of anything more brutal than that. That right there is verbal abuse and shouldn’t be overlooked.

7. They always yell at you. They don’t talk to you in a civilized way. They don’t ask you for things nicely. They don’t think before they speak. They simply yell and argue. That is the only way they make conversation. If this is the case with you and your partner, you need to know that this person is toxic. If they are not aware that they are doing something wrong and they don’t want to change, then they don’t deserve a place in your life. Fullstop.

Stephanie Reeds