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You Don’t Have To Find The Perfect Love, Just One That Is Real

You Don’t Have To Find The Perfect Love, Just One That Is Real

Perfection doesn’t exist. We often trick ourselves that we can go near it, but it’s just an illusion. 

Loosen up the shackles of expectations. Loosen up the bother of having to find that perfect someone in the perfect setting and have the most amazing kiss. Love doesn’t always happen under our conditions. 

You don’t always choose how something will happen, but that doesn’t make it any less marvelous and heavenly. 

First dates or first kisses are messy, untrained. You literally have to practice to get there, but if there is that initial spark, that chemistry; if you click with that person – that’s all that matters. 

First conversations matter more than first kisses.

If that person treats you right, if they care for you, if they never forget to send you a good night text, if they stand by you in your darkest hours and have the patience to put up with you when you lose it, then what more do you need, my friend?

Flames and passion are transient, but emotional support, the same sense of humor, loyalty, is not. 

You may not find the perfect love, but you can find a love that is real. You can find a person to go through the ugliness of life with you and hold your hand. You can find someone who thinks you are enough. 

You can find someone who, no matter how many bridges you burn to cut all ties with, will always find a way to get to you. To save you. 

You can find someone who will stand your mood swings and the fact that you easily get mad, or that you are a babbler in the morning and you wake them up because you are bored.

That’s the love you need and that love may not always be perfect because you have your differences and fights over stupid things, but at least that love is real. 

You may not share the same passion for sci-fi movies or beer, or you may have a different taste in music, or your partner may not be a gym freak like you, but you have the same heartbeat, the same energy. 

You show each other care and respect, but you can also have a pillow fight in the middle of the night to establish who’ll do the cooking the next day. That’s love.

All those ups and downs, all those things you do together, all those odds and ends that form a bond between two people.

And if that bond is real, who cares if it is perfect? 

Nora Connel