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Life Never Takes Anything Away From You Without Blessing You With Something Better

Life Never Takes Away From You Without Blessing You With Something Better

Loss. It is one of the hardest things that we as humans are forced to cope with.

Experiencing loss is a truly devastating and life-changing experience. Whatever it is that you’re losing, it feels as though a part of you is ripped out of your chest. It stings, it aches, it hurts like nothing you’ve ever felt. It inflicts a wound inside your heart, so big that it almost feels impossible to heal it. And yet, that’s not the worst part.

The worst part is not being able to run away from it. It’s not being able to avoid it or leave it behind you without first accepting it, no matter how painful it is. The worst part is its inevitability. Its essential role in our lives.

Still, as terrible as all of this sounds, you mustn’t forget that after all, every dark cloud has a silver lining. For every loss and every tragedy, there is a hidden gain. You just need to open your eyes, take off your mourning glasses, and see things clearly.

Sure, life is indeed unpredictable, but no matter how much it takes, it never leaves you hanging. For everything that it takes away, it gives something back. And most of the time, that next thing waiting for you is way better than what you previously had. In most cases, that next beginning is often what you so desperately dreamed of your entire life. Endings are nothing more than stepping stones to your next great beginning.

It’s funny how life works. Sometimes it makes you want to give up on everything, but then sometimes it only proves to you that not giving up on was one of the best decisions you’ve made. I am not saying it’s easy. And I am not saying that you should avoid grief. Not at all. All I am trying to tell you is that there is a reason for everything that we go through and feel. Even the pain that you experience right now.

It might have taken me a long time, but if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that no matter how much we try to fight something, if it’s meant to happen to us, it will happen, one way or another. Loss is indeed scary, but it is inevitable and it’s a part of life. And as such, it should not be perceived as the end of the world. It’s nothing more than a process that should ultimately help you learn to let go and move on. A process through which not only you become stronger and braver, but you also realize that life can be much more than just a series of pain and suffering if only you’d change your perspective. 

In the end, it’s your choice really. You can either hold onto the misery and let life slip through your fingers or accept it, as imperfect as it is, and dare to live it, no matter how scary those obstacles and challenges seem to you. Your best choice is to trust. Trust the Universe, trust yourself, trust life, and trust the process that everything will ultimately fall into place and you will find the peace that you spent your entire life searching for.

Always remember, if life has taken something away from you, that’s because you no longer need it. Because there is something better for you out there.

That better thing, better scenario, better life, will eventually find its way to you. You just have to trust…

Stephanie Reeds