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How To Outsmart The Narcissist Who Is Slowly Ruining Your Life

How To Disarm Your Narcissist

Narcissist’s toxicity and their evil nature are well known to almost every person out there. And while all you want to do is to put them in their place and make them realize their errors, you must be protective of yourself and your sanity.

You need to outsmart the narcissist by disarming them. And by doing so, you will beat the narcissist at their own game and get your life back. Here’s what your approach should be:

When they start insulting you or losing their temper, don’t react. Don’t give them the satisfaction to see you angry. Stay calm and just walk away from them. Because there is no point in arguing with them. They are toxic, immature, and manipulative. Don’t bring yourself down to their level.

Never apologize for the things they blame you for. There are things that you cannot change even if you want to. Things they blame you for but you have no control over them. It is not your fault, so stop justifying yourself. Moreover, they will blame you even for things you didn’t do, they will blame you for their mistakes as well. You should never ever apologize for something you know you are right.

Stop letting them overstep your boundaries. Stop giving them that power over you. Have clearly set boundaries and never allow anyone to cross them. Period. You deserve to be respected.

Accept the fact that the narcissist will never change. This is hard to swallow, I know. But, you must be the smarter one here. Stop expecting the narcissist to change. Don’t let them fool you by their fake promises and honey words.

Finally, completely cut ties with them. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and your wellbeing. Remove yourself from the equation completely. Don’t let them destroy your life. You only have one.

Take care and move on.

Mary Wright