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Freedom Lies On The Other Side Of Fear: Take A Leap Of Faith And Go For It

Freedom Lies On The Other Side Of Fear: Take A Leap Of Faith And Go For It

Why is it that everything we always dream of in life is on the other side of fear? Why do we always have to cross that bridge of terror to get to where we want to be?

These are questions that are bothering all of you, I know. It’s reality though. Most of the time, everything we want so deeply is just one decision away from us. But very often simply the thought of making that decision can trigger certain insecurities and crippling anxieties in us. That’s how we end up staying inside our comfort zones. Safe from anything and everything.

Why? Why are we afraid to risk? Why are we afraid to make sacrifices to make our dreams come true and live the life that we’ve always wanted? Is facing the unknown so terrifying?

Here’s the truth. Quite honestly, it really is. But guess what?  That’s life. There’s always a risk to it. There is always the possibility to fail, to get hurt, to lose everything. Yet, if you never ever dare to get out of your comfort zone and give it a try, you will never know just how wonderful it can get.

Not everyone manages to pass that bridge of fear that easily. One of the first, most important things you need to know before making that step is that to survive it and make it to the other side, you need to be 100% percent committed to your cause. You need to be sure that this is what you want more than anything. You need to be ready and willing to face everything that life challenges you to make your dreams come true. You need to have a leap of faith and jump despite the fear, doubts, and the pain of failing.

In other words, you need to be brave.

I am quite aware that many of you can’t understand this and I am okay with that. I understand that sometimes, some challenges and hardships are harder than others. And sometimes, no matter what you do to encourage yourself to make the step, you simply cannot. I get that. And it’s okay. Been there, done that.

I also realize that it may be very difficult to keep believing after life pushes you over the edge a few times, just when you thought that you’ve got everything figured out. I know it hurts. And I know that making another step forward into the unknown is probably the last thing on your mind after those horrible experiences. The only thing you think of is how to keep your head above water.

But I want you to know this. Fear is not your enemy. You are. You, my friend, are the only one standing in your own way. You are the one responsible for everything that you go through. You are the one who has the power to change your reality, from its very core. You, my dear, are the only one who holds your destiny in their own hands. The only way you will regain back your strength is through accepting and overcoming your fears.

Of course, change is terrifying. But you cannot possibly know what could happen if you  don’t decide to take that step into the unknown. Uncertainties will always make you doubt yourself, but you can choose to be stronger than this. You can choose to get out of your box, dive into the unknown and be free. You can choose to set your sails, change your direction, leave the shore that has been your home since forever, and explore the new horizons.

Whatever you do, please don’t ever let fear dictate your journey. Don’t ever let it take control over you, change you, push you down, take your strength away, blind you. Remind yourself that fear is nothing without you. You feed it, you give it strength, you bring it back to life.

Choose freedom, my friend. Be brave to be free. Only then you’ll experience life in all its fullness.

Stephanie Reeds