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Life Is Too Short, Wait For A Person Who Will Love You Just Like This


I know that time is ticking away, and I know settling down seems like an easier option, but I also know many people who have done this and then spent their whole lives regretting that one decision. I’ve tasted regret and it is the bitterest thing in the whole wide world.

So, please don’t take your time on Earth for granted and please save your heart for someone who will love us just the way we deserve. One day, it will all be worth it. I promise.

Life is too short… don’t spend it on semi-functional relationships and unworthy people.

Wait for a person who makes you the happiest person on earth. Someone who sparks a fire inside your soul by simply looking at you. Someone who is a ray of sunshine in a human form. Someone whose hugs are the warmest. Someone whose kisses make you fall in ecstasy and beg for more. Someone whose eyes shine the brightest and whose heart loves the strongest.

Wait for a person who loves you for your imperfectly perfect soul and not only your attractive appearance. Someone who wants to know more about you and dive deep inside that wild heart of yours. Someone who is not afraid of what they might find in the darkest depths of your being because they’ve accepted you for who you truly are.

Wait for a person who calms the thunderstorms in your mind but also triggers the biggest waves in your soul. Someone who knows how to drive you crazy but at the same time keep you sane. Someone who understands your weirdness and gets along with your peculiar nature.

Wait for a person who is willing to do the unimaginable for you and your relationship. Someone who is not afraid to get out of their way to be there for you. Someone who fights like hell to preserve that sacred thing that you two have. Someone who never gives up. Someone who is not scared to face even the greatest, scariest hailstorm, if they have you by their side.

Wait for a person who wants to spend the rest of their life beside you. Someone who can live without you but chooses not to. Someone who wants to get to know the real you. Someone who wants to discover what’s underneath that tough shell of yours. Someone who loves you more than anything else in the world and keeps on choosing you because you are the only person in the world for them.

Because at the end of the day, this life is entirely what we make it. We can either take our existence for granted, settle for average people whom we don’t love and go through life merely living, or we can refuse to share our heart with just about anyone and wait for the love that will change our life from the very core.

The choice is yours. Pick wisely.

Stephanie Reeds