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The Toughest Women Have A Loved One In Heaven


There is pain you feel when you end a relationship or get betrayed. There is pain you feel when you lose a friend over a petty argument. But there’s one kind of pain that’s worse than all the others. This type of pain is extreme. It’s unbearable.

It’s the kind of pain that remains a part of you forever and tears your heart out. It’s the kind of pain that can’t be fixed. It’s the kind of pain that time can soothe but never heal completely. It’s the agonizing pain you feel when you lose a loved one to death.

This tough woman knows how it feels like to feel heartbroken and helpless. She knows what hell feels like.

This woman is fierce for a reason. She’s had someone in her life with whom she had a profound connection. Someone who reflected her soul. Someone who showed her what genuine happiness felt like.

She’s had someone who should’ve stayed in her life forever, not be taken from her.

That person was ripped out of her life and there was nothing she could do about it.

Their story wasn’t supposed to go this way. They should’ve stayed together forever.

She wasn’t prepared for that. Nothing made sense to her.

She didn’t get to spend enough time with them. She didn’t get to tell them everything she should have.

She needed more laughs. More hugs. More moments spent together with them. More memories.

She didn’t understand why it happened and she still doesn’t.

She wasn’t given a choice.  Her loved one was ripped out of her life and she couldn’t change that. And at moments, she thought she lost her strength. She couldn’t find a reason to live. She was about to give up. To end it all.

But she didn’t.

This fierce woman managed to pull through and move on with her life. She still lives.

She still lives even though a part of her heart is still missing. She lives even though the void that the death of her loved one created in her soul is still there.

It’s not fair and she knows it. But she’s accepted the fact that life is unpredictable. That it’s full of agonizing and unbearable experiences that can throw your way when you expect it the least.

She’s accepted the fact that the Universe, fate, or God, or you name it brings a person into your life and then rips them out of your arms without warning. Without sending you a sign. Without letting you prepare for it first.

She’s still breathing. She’s still here, smiling, hanging out with people who truly love and care about her, and enjoying life.

And no, she is not done crying. She still cries late at night when she thinks about her lost loved one. She cries on every anniversary, every holiday, every birthday, both hers and theirs. She cries whenever she comes across a picture of them. She cries when she drives past the graveyard.

But those tears don’t take her strength away. Instead, they make her strong. They make her resilient. They make her a survivor.

Because that’s what she is todaya survivor. A warrior.

This woman is strong because she’s endured the greatest loss imaginable. She knows the pain of missing someone that she’ll never see and touch again.

She’s tough since she hasn’t let death turn her into someone bitter. She still has a lot of love and kindness in her heart.

She’s tough because she’s a shoulder to cry on and a rock to lean on when someone who is dear to her is going through a rough time.

She’s tough because she unselfishly gives her support to whoever needs it.

She’s tough because she’s learned to look at life from a different perspective. She’s learned to live every day like it’s her last.

She’s tough because if she could endure the loss of someone who meant the world to her, then she can endure anything.

Riley Cooper