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Life Is Too Short To Settle For Mediocrity: Aim For The Stars


As I was twisting my cup on the counter top, I realized I had once been writing a journal. After hours of searching for it, I finally found it hidden in an old shoe box.

So here I am, flipping the pages of a dusty notebook, and this is what caught my eye: I woke up with a terrible headache. On my way to work, I bought a coffee in the hope that this would make the headache go away, but the coffee was terribly lukewarm and way too milky for my taste. Ugh, a horrible start of the day already. I hate when this happens!

Waking up with a headache sucks, but what is worse is hoping that a cup of good coffee will make your day brighter just to end up bitterly disappointed with so much as the first sip from the cup. And it’s not just coffee, we end up living our whole lives only partially satisfied, if not completely dissatisfied and miserable.

Why do we do that to ourselves? I guess the fear of speaking up, the fear of having everybody’s eyes on us, and the fear of being finger-pointed or gossiped.

We pretend not to care, we pretend to give zero fucks when, in fact, maybe we should show that we care. We should show or signal that something is important to us because what is the alternative? Spending a lifetime with mediocre friends, shitty coffee, and shallow partners, I guess.

We should fight for what matters because if we don’t, we are likely to only attract people that don’t care as well.

Friends that use us for the ride or friends that hang out with us just because they have no one else at the moment or because they want to get drunk and don’t care who they are going to do that with. Lousy boyfriends and girlfriends that stay with us simply because there is no one better at the moment, and coffee that is too milky, far too sugary, or with such a bad aftertaste that you want to kill yourself.

Life is too short to settle for mediocrity. It’s too short for words like average or good enough.

No, don’t settle for that. You deserve so much more.

Of course, we can’t have the best of everything and, of course, we can’t be so picky about everything, but there are certain principles and standards in life we can’t disregard.

So yes, drink that good champagne and that good coffee, and treat yourself. Don’t spend your time with people that make you feel bad about yourself. People whose standards you have to chase – spend time with those that lift you up and revitalize your energy.

I don’t care is not cool and being silent about the things your happiness and well-being depend on is not cool either.

It’s cool to show that you care and it’s cool to fight for what you deserve. Correct me if I am wrong.

That old diary served some good purpose, after all, I think.

Nora Connel