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Once You Find Real Love, You’ll See It’s Worth Fighting For

Once You Find Real Love, You’ll See It’s Worth Fighting For

Every relationship takes work. Every person deserves someone who loves them and who is willing to fight for them. It’s in our human nature to partner up and have a happy and long-standing relationship. It’s in our human nature, too, to be with someone we can trust to protect us as well as fight for us when the storm strikes.

Love cannot be the same as the love you experienced before in your life, like the one you have right now, or the one you will experience in the future.

When you actually fall in love, you see it, you know it, you feel it. When love is born, it adds color to your life, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a lighter or darker shade of color than that of the previous love you had.

As I would like to call it, love is a form of respect, and respect needs to be earned. When formulated like this, once the respect is earned, you need to fight for it in order to keep it. So, when you put two and two together, love should be the one you believe is worth fighting for.

The only love you should have in your life is the one that completes you. Because when something completes you, you fight for it. Any other form of love, well….  just isn’t love. Fighting for someone and fighting for love makes you step out of your comfort zone.

All you have ever known so far is passion, hurt, loss, despair. But when you find real love, you put your energy into it. Not all of your energy, of course, you invest just enough energy to keep the relationship alive. And that’s how you find the perfect balance, and you two know that whatever happens, you want to fight for one another.

You want to put effort into your relationship. You want to give attention to your love. And who doesn’t need attention? People are like sponges for attention. People always crave for more and more attention. But, just the right amount of attention gives you the relationship that is worth keeping.

Fighting for your relationship and for the one you love doesn’t mean sacrificing everything for them. Don’t get me wrong, but love doesn’t ask for sacrifices. You need to balance your fight. Because people often overdo things.

People often overdo and overthink things. Too much involvement might throw you out of the battle, too little effort, on the other hand, feels like you don’t want to lift a finger. Balancing the work you put in the relationship and the fighting for your partner is something that will come naturally when real love happens. Everything else is, well… not love.  

If you two aren’t willing to fight for what you have, then you two deserve someone better. If you two aren’t equally invested in the relationship, then you two deserve someone better.

When you find real love, there’s no shame in fighting for it. There’s no shame in telling your significant other how you feel. And undoubtedly, fighting for your partner doesn’t make you weak. It only makes you a stronger person, ready to face your emotions and take a leap into the unknown.

And if they prove to be on the same scale as you, well then… it’s real love.

Feel free to share this story with your closest to remind them to keep balance in the fight for their love.