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Give Yourself Time To Reflect And Grieve: Emotional Healing Is A Long Process

Emotional Healing Is A Long Process

Life happens. It never asks you how or when… It just happens.

And sometimes it hurts… Sometimes it takes away everything that you care for, breaks your heart, destroys all your hopes, robs you of your dreams, pushes you down in the gutter, challenges you in the most unexpected ways, forces you to give up, faces you with loss and pain…

And it doesn’t give you any other option but to accept it.

In those devastating and difficult moments, I want you to remember one thing…

Emotional healing is not a joke. It is a long and challenging process. So, please give yourself enough time to reflect and grieve. It’s okay to slow down. And it is absolutely okay to feel sad… It’s all a part of life.

Here are 5 signs that it is finally time you focus on yourself:

1. You feel like you are stuck doing the same things over and over again. It’s almost like your whole life is constantly repeating. You can’t break out of the cycle. You keep accepting the same things in life, you keep meeting the same people, you keep hurting yourself. You keep doing the same mistakes. If this is the case, it’s more than clear why it keeps happening to you. You refuse to learn your lessons.

2. Your mind is overwhelmed. It’s working too hard trying to distract yourself from the current situation. There is a hurricane of thoughts inside your brain. And it feels like you’re reaching the point of burnout. Going through this is undoubtedly a signal that your body and mind cannot take it any longer. You need to calm yourself down and start taking matters into your own hands. You need to start healing.

3. You feel like you’ve lost touch with your intuition. It almost feels like you’ve lost yourself. Like you no longer know who you are and what you believe in. This a serious sign that you mustn’t overlook. If you feel like you’ve lost your life’s compass, make sure you take enough to reconnect with yourself and find it. No matter how much time, patience and energy it requires you to do so. Quiet all the noise around you and pay close attention to what goes on inside your mind. Listen to your thoughts and let your emotions guide you.

4. You don’t trust people. Your gut no longer allows you to get all comfortable around others. Wherever you turn, every single person around you seems suspicious. Something inside of you constantly reminds you that whatever you do, you need to stay wide awake and very careful around people.

5. Your tongue is faster than your brain. You don’t think before you speak. In fact, you react exactly how you feel. Without taking some time to reflect on your thoughts or analyze your emotions. You just lash out. You no longer have self-control when it comes to expressing your emotions. This a big cry for help. It is a sign that you need to stop doing whatever you’re doing and focus on healing yourself. Take all the time in the world. It is your own well-being and your own happiness that we’re talking about.

Stephanie Reeds