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Life Is Too Damn Short For Plant-Based Cheese, Cheap Wine And Fake Friends


I’m not the person who enjoys small talk. I don’t care about your rant about today’s weather.

I’m not interested in chitchatting about your friend’s marriage, but most of all I’m not opening to answering your rude questions about my current relationship status, or my work.

Especially if we’ve already lost contact because I was well aware of your hidden agendas.

I don’t want a mediocre life. I don’t want to settle. I don’t like to give up. I can’t stand injustice. I cannot pretend to be fine when my world is crashing down.

I am bold, and I’m not afraid to speak my mind.

I don’t want to engage with fake people.

This life is already short enough as it is.

And to our great surprise, it passes by so quickly that we’re sometimes not even aware of its pace. We think we live, but in fact, what we do is only surviving.

And that, my friends, is the silent tragedy of our existence.

 But, I won’t have it.

I’ve already been through that stuff in life. I’ve accepted things that were not even half of the things I deserved. I’ve settled for average out of fear that I might never find the real thing. I’ve said yes to experiences to make others happy, instead of focusing on my needs.

Well, not anymore.

I’m finally tired of dealing with that bullsh*t.

 Ain’t nobody got time to care about those things.

I want real life. I want the raw, uncensored version of life.

With all its pleasures, pains, sorrow, happiness and misery.

We have a limited time here on earth, and I believe that our main purpose is to feel all of these sensations. For that is the only way to really grow and move forward.

I want real friendships. I want someone I could to about the universe, the skies, the stars, my fears, my deepest feelings, my insecurities. I want someone who would hold my hand through all the heartbreaks, all the challenges and rough patches in life as it would hold my hand through every happiness and every goal I ever achieve.

I need someone who would be by my side when I’m at my worst. Someone who would know exactly how to cheer me up when my spirits are low.

Because ultimately everything we know will come to an end.

And all we’ll be left with will be our memories and regrets about what we did or didn’t do while we had the chance.

That is why I’ll never settle for something ordinary. Whether it’s career path, friendships, relationships, work, I’ll never choose less than I deserve.

This is life is too damn short to deprive yourself of all the pleasures. It is too damn short to eat plant-based cheese as a substitute for real dairy and drink cheap wine just to save up on the money.

It’s too damn short for excuses. It’s too damn short for being average.

You don’t know what tomorrow might bring. What’s more, you have no clue where destiny might take you.

So, please don’t waste your life on mediocrity.

Don’t settle for cheap wine, make-believe relationships and don’t ever settle for fake friends.

Stephanie Reeds