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21 Important Things You Need To Realize If You Don’t Want To Regret Wasting Your Youth


Why is time passing so quickly these days?

The older I get, the faster it goes. It feels like only yesterday we celebrated New Year’s Eve. And yet, here we are today. It’s the 1st of September.

I don’t know when did summer come to an end, because it feels like only yesterday when I was making plans for my summer vacation.

But, it is what it is. Life doesn’t wait for anyone.

And you know how it goes.  “It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts” – Adlai Stevenson

So, here are 21 important things you need to do right now if you don’t want to regret wasting your youth:

1. Be brave enough to speak your mind when something doesn’t feel right. Don’t stay silent. Be loud and determined. Fight for what you want. Never ever give up.

2. Stop for a second and take a look at yourself. Are you satisfied with who you are? If not, do you have the strength to change the things you don’t like?

3. Stop worrying and overreacting about things that are simply not worth it. Save your energy and passion for something special.

4. Think about where would humanity be, more importantly, where would you be if social media didn’t exist to document every part of your reality. Think of the life you would have had out of those dreamy, fairy filters on Instagram.

5. Decide what isn’t worthy of your time and money, and focus yourself on investing into things that only help you grow.

6. Discuss ideas, creative solutions, development, possibilities, opportunities. Don’t waste your precious time and remarkable potential on harsh judgments about other people.

7. Never stop asking, never stop wandering, and never stop learning. Ask questions about everything that is surrounding you more than you make statements about yourself. You might surprise yourself with how much you think you know, but how little knowledge you actually possess.

8. Take it easy. Cut yourself some slack. Most of the people I know regret wasting their youth on drama and stress, when all they needed to do was to enjoy life. So, don’t be them. You have one life to live. Make it worthwhile. Take a deep breath and just appreciate the fact that you’re alive to feel and live through this moment.

9. Read books. Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the power of books.

10. Learn how to be nice. This is the most overlooked quality, yet the most powerful and cherished characteristic a person can have. A kind word can open the strongest, heaviest iron door. Remember that.  No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

10. Live life to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to seize every opportunity along the way. Don’t hold back your thoughts, your creative flow, your power, your opinions. Put it all on the table where everyone can see.

11. Stop saying that you want a forever person. Instead, try to do your best to make your relationship last. A healthy bond is not something you unintentionally stumble upon, it’s something you build.

12. Stop wasting your time on earth worrying about silly things like whether or not you’re fat, or ugly. No one is going to appreciate you because of how you looked in your tight jeans. People will remember you by the emotions you triggered inside their souls.

13. Be courageous enough to admit when something isn’t going your way. Be brave enough to admit when you experience a failure. After all, it’s another stepping stone to success.

14. Remind yourself that one accomplishment won’t change your life if you first don’t commit to changing your life from the core. Dreams only work if you do.

15. Pick up a piece of paper and write down your mission in life. Define your values and make sure your path in life is aligned with them.

16. Be careful with burning bridges. Learn how to end your relationships in a more considerate and harmless way. After all, we’re all humans and we all feel deeply.

17. Always seek for the truth. No matter how uncomfortable, brutal or scary it is, the truth is the only things you want to know. Believe me. It’s better to face the bitter truth and eventually get over it, than to live in an eternal state of oblivion.

18. Find yourself. Understand yourself. Every pain within you, every discomfort that brings you self-doubt is some unfinished business or an unmet need. Figure it out, analyze it and get it done, or feed it.

19. Understand that everything you see in other people is exactly what you are. Their behavior that drives you mad, or their trait that makes you love them even more is something you already have inside of you. Others are always reflecting back to you the image you hold of yourself.

20. Seek purpose more than you seek pleasure. Pleasure is a temporary feeling. Once you’re full of it, it will fade away. But, finding a purpose for living is everything in life. It is exactly what makes life one scary, but extraordinary experience.

21. Home is exactly where you make it. It can be a place, it can be a person or simply a feeling. So, please don’t settle down for average until you experience the feeling that you’re finally home.

Stephanie Reeds