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Life Is Short: We All Deserve Someone Who’ll Love Us As Much We Love Them

We All Deserve Someone Who’ll Love Us As Much We Love Them

Love is the most sacred thing in this life. The most powerful force in the Universe…Something that has the power to grow and grow and grow and turn into the most beautiful creation if you only care to nurture it…

Yet, people take it for granted. They turn their backs on it. They give up on ever finding love for their fear of not finding it is stronger than their hopes. Instead, they accept half-assed relationships with people they can barely stand, all for the sake of having their life together.

Why? Tell me, why is do you do this to yourself?

Life is too short, my darling. You deserve to go to bed knowing that there is someone out there who genuinely cares about you.

Please don’t waste yourself on people who are not capable of loving you the way you deserved to be loved.

Protect that pretty little heart of yours until the right one comes.

Be with a man who never gets bored with learning new things about you. Someone who is not afraid to look inside your soul and meet the real you. The messy. The flawed one. The imperfect human being who has been hurt and wounded many times before. Someone who will do everything to heal those painful scars on you.

Be with a man who gets excited simply by the thought of you. Someone who gets goosebumps the minute he sees you. Someone whose heart starts racing the second your lips touch his. Someone who wants to spend his entire life next to you. Someone who is thrilled to experience everything that life has to offer with you. A man who is blessed to have you by his side.

Be with a man who doesn’t make you question his intentions. Someone mature who is clear about how he feels about you. Someone who is an open book. A man who clarifies all of your doubts hushes all of your insecurities answers all of your questions and never lets you go to sleep angry. A man who loves you with all of his heart and makes sure you are always reminded of that.

Be with a man who doesn’t make you feel like you are not good enough for them. Someone who always reassures you of your value and supports you when you need it the most. Someone who reminds you of your power and gives you strength when you are too weak to get up and get going. Someone who knows that love means freedom. A man who lifts you up and encourages you to fly on your own.

Be with a man who chooses you every single day, all over again. Someone who is not afraid to commit to you and promise to love you for all eternity. Someone who is strong enough to take your hand and tell you “I am here for you. As long as we are together, there is nothing that we cannot beat.” Someone who makes life easier and all the problems pointless when he is next to you. Someone who vows to love you unconditionally and does everything to keep his promise alive.

You, my dear, deserve a love like this.

Don’t give up until you find it.

Stephanie Reeds