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Let’s Save Human Beings From Heartache And Pain By Carefully Choosing Our Words And Actions


When you decide to leave someone and close the door behind, when you decide to say your final goodbye… be careful with your words. Choose them wisely. Because once you say something, you can’t get it back.

Once you decide to turn your back on someone and say your parting words, know that the damage you make with it will be permanent. However, the way you say your ‘goodbye’ can make all the pain and all the difference.

You see, there is someone who to an outsider seems like any other person. They are attractive to some, they are smart and funny to some, to others not so much. There are people who love them, there are people who don’t.

They are more than enough for some, to others they are not good enough. But, none of this would matter to a person who is good enough for themselves. And once they thought they were good enough, but not anymore…

Because, when the one you love is constantly showing you day by day that you are not good enough, when someone you care about doesn’t feel the same about you, when the one you want to spend every day with doesn’t have time for you, when someone who is your top priority sees you only as an option – no matter how strong you think you are, you will have your heart broken.

When someone is close to a person who is not good for them, they are doomed to experience pain and heartache. When they welcome someone who doesn’t know what to do with their love and kindness, they are inviting hurt into their life.

All the hurt and heartbreak have taken its tool and that’s why they no longer feel they are good enough…

We’ve all been there at one point, and sometimes we all need a little help and to be reminded of our importance. Sometimes, a friendly face is all we need to realize that we do matter, that we are good enough.

Let’s all be more compassionate towards each other. Let’s be there for each other. Let’s smile and brighten up someone else’s day without expecting anything in return. Let’s be more humble. More positive. More loving.

Let’s make this world a better place.

Mary Wright