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11 Signs You Are A Sapiosexual – Someone Who Can Only Be Turned On By Smart People


A sapiosexual is a person who gets mentally and sexually aroused by smart people. They are turned on by intelligence.

And while the majority of people when asked what they find attractive will say that they are turned on by a pretty face, nice eyes, or their smile, there are those who don’t focus on those things when it comes to choosing a partner.

For some people, it doesn’t matter how someone looks on the outside, but how their mind works. This is a group of people referred to as Sapiosexuals who find intelligence to be the main point and trigger of a sexual and soul connection. For them, intelligence is a necessity, not a bonus.

That being said, here are 12 signs you are a Sapiosexual.

1. Deep and intelligent conversations inspire you and turn you on. Yes, everyone loves a great conversation, but you require it daily. You find people who talk about their thoughts and question everything they know in life very attractive. You admire people with a sharp and brilliant mind who always teach you something new.

2. Credentials are not important. When you look for a potential partner, intelligence is always on the top of your list. You always dig deeper into people. If you don’t find anything valuable below the surface, you almost immediately lose interest. You can’t even imagine having a partner like that. You crave mindfulness and intelligence. To you, that’s more important than money or looks.

3. A beautiful face is great, but a deep conversation is better. Yes, in order to be with someone you need to be physically attracted to them. But, if they are only a beautiful face, no matter how attractive they are – you will get bored. If they can’t hold an intelligent conversation and deepen your knowledge, you find them unworthy of your time.

4. You love to debate. You are drawn to people who always challenge you to debate something. You like them because they broaden your horizons, expand your mind, make you think and question. You admire their passion and eagerness for getting their points across.

5. The more you get to know someone, the more you get attracted to them. You don’t fall for someone quickly. You often fall in love with someone who is a diamond in the rough – someone who may not be the most shining and attractive people in the room, but who has a depth and a thirst for knowledge and life. With a person like that, the more you dig into their character, the more attracted you are to them.

6. You despise small talk. You feel physically in pain when someone cannot hold a meaningful conversation. Small talk is something you loathe from the bottom of your heart. Therefore, you would rather sit in silence than be engaged in a conversation revolving around the weather. Ew!

7. You would prefer to meet someone in a library than in a bar. To you, there is nothing attractive about meeting someone in a bar and having to scream your name and your phone number between shots of tequila. Instead, your dream meeting involves a library, a bookstore, a museum, or a documentary screening because those are the places that inspire a deep and meaningful conversation between two people.

8. It goes beyond being book smart for you. You are not only attracted to someone’s knowledge about certain topics that are tangible. You also find a person who is self-aware and emotionally intelligent extremely sexy. You admire their ability to rationalize and how in tune with their feelings they are. You want mature people in your life.

9. You are immediately turned off by foolishness, brutalism, and bad grammar. You can’t be around aggressive people. You can’t stand foolish people. You find bad grammar extremely unattractive. You want to be surrounded only with kind, smart, and well-behaved intellectuals. Those are your crowd.

10. You are an amazing listener. You enjoy learning new things from other people. You find fascinating listening to people who talk passionately about the things they love. You don’t mind sitting still all day and listening to someone who expands your mind with the things they say.

11. You are always looking for something new to learn. The thought of coming home from work and watching documentaries or reading a book gives you butterflies in your stomach and warms your heart. You get excited by learning new things and that’s why you always sign-up for courses, lectures, and seminars to broaden your knowledge.

Are you a sapiosexual?

Mary Wright