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Let Go Of The Person Who Wouldn’t Hold On To You

Let Go Of The Person Who Wouldn’t Hold On To You

Let go. They are gone. Stop trying to get them back. They would have never changed and you know that. So, stop resurrecting something that is dead a long time ago.

Not it’s time to open your heart to new possibilities and new love that will make you happy. You have wasted enough time on a person who gave up on you without a second thought, so it’s time to go out and find someone who will give you the love you dream of.

Now, you spend many sleepless nights thinking about them, while they are sleeping calmly next to someone else.

Stop holding on to them when it is time to let them go once and for all. By refusing to do so, you will only hurt yourself. Stop daydreaming about them coming back to you and fixing everything. That won’t happen and you know that.

Stop romanticizing the time you’ve spent with them. Stop idolizing them. They left you. End of story. They are not the happy ending to your story, they are only a chapter of it.

And now, you should remember why it happened the way it did. Perhaps they didn’t love you, perhaps they cheated on you, or perhaps you were not compatible. Whatever it is, it is over. And you should be lucky that it is over and you are free because someone who is meant for you will never leave you alone and broke your heart.

The one who loves you will never feel like you are not good enough. They will never make you feel like you are replaceable. Your heart will break anytime you see them with someone that is not you. That’s why you must put an end to the agony and heal.

Because there is someone out there waiting to give you all the love you deserve.

And you deserve to be with someone who thinks of you immediately after waking up and your voice is the last they hear before going to sleep.

Don’t hold onto the memory of the person who let you down so easily. You are allowing them to still hurt you. Stop giving them so much power over you. Let go.

You deserve more.

Mary Wright