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Lessons You’ll Learn From Falling For The Woman Who Loves Too Much


“Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your good health has vanished. “

– Og Mandino

It sounds silly to say that someone could love “too much.” Love is an amazing thing that should be spread as much as possible, so how could there be too much of it? Every woman loves differently, and some show it more intensely than others.

You could be afraid to be loved or to be with someone who feels so much. When you end up with a girl like that, you’ll soon realize that your fears weren’t justified. These are the lessons you’ll learn from falling for the woman who loves too much.

She’s Not Clingy, She’s Brave

It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and give your heart to someone else. It’s not a step that you can take lightly or something that just anyone is capable of doing. If your girl loves you intensely, it’s an act of bravery.

The sad truth is that too many people are afraid to jump head first into a relationship. A girl who loves intensely isn’t scared. She isn’t afraid to be the first to say “I love you,” or to be the one who texts first just to see how you are. Most of all, she isn’t afraid to fight for your relationship to stay strong.

Showing her love to you whenever she can show you that you mean so much to her. She knows that she could get shot down or that you could dislike her for it, but she tries anyway. Her love for you is so strong that she’s willing to overcome any fear and put her heart on the line for you.

She Doesn’t Expect Much

A girl like her shows so much passion in the way that she loves. Maybe you’re afraid that you can’t give her the same kind of affection in return. It may surprise you but she’s not asking for the same level of passion. All she wants is any bit of your love and to feel cared for and appreciated.

She doesn’t love you because she wants something from you. The reason that she gives her heart to you is that she feels that she has so much to give. More importantly, she believes that you’re the person she can give her love to, the person who deserves it the most.

She Will Teach You to Love Yourself

It’s so easy to forget to care for ourselves. We expect the love that we receive to come from other people. In truth, the most important thing that you can ever learn is to love yourself completely and unconditionally.

Having a girl like her show you so much love can be inspiring. You’ll begin to understand what exactly it is that she sees in you to make her feel so strongly about you. She’ll lift you up every day and encourage you to love the wonderful person that you are as much as she does.

You can’t love too much. A woman may come into your life who loves you so intensely that you won’t know what to do, but don’t be worried. Having someone like her is a blessing. It will help you to live a fuller, more beautiful life full of joy and, above all, love.

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Eva Jackson