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8 Things A Good Guy Will Do For You That A Narcissist Never Could


If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being in a relationship with a narcissist, you’ll understand just how awful it really is. They put you down, lied to you, manipulated you, and tried to completely destroy you. Finding a truly good man after that kind of a relationship opens your eyes to all the amazing things that they do for you.

A great guy would never treat you in the same, horrible ways that a narcissist will. Here are 8 things a good guy will do for you that a narcissist never could.

1. He’ll Lift You Up

Unlike a narcissistic man who’ll put you down at any chance, a good guy will build you up. He wants you to be confident in yourself and your abilities. Whenever he’s given the chance, he’ll lift you up and make you feel amazing about yourself.

2. He’ll Really Listen

A good guy won’t get bored when you talk about you or your day, and he won’t zone out or try to change the subject. When you speak, he listens. Your thoughts and opinions are so important to him and he wants to hear all the stories you have to tell.

3. He Won’t Treat You Like Trash

Some guys will treat you terribly just for the sake of it. It’s not just narcissists either, but regular men who are just jerks. If you find a good man, you won’t have to worry about that because he’ll know how to treat you with respect.

4. He’ll Open Up to You

When you find a guy like this, he won’t be afraid to be vulnerable with you. You’re his main source of support and comfort. So, when things get him down, he won’t be afraid to talk about his feelings.

5. He’ll Support You

You being happy makes him happy. No matter what your dreams or ambitions are, he’ll be there to support you. Most of all, he wants to see you achieve your goals and have a successful, happy life.

6. He Won’t Overstep Your Boundaries

A lot of guys just won’t listen to you or respect the boundaries that you set in place. Not this guy though. When you say no, he knows that you mean it and he won’t try to push you.

7. He’ll Apologize When He’s Wrong

One of the biggest traits of a narcissist is not being able to accept blame. They always feel the need to make someone else look like the bad guy. A good man knows when he’s wrong and he’ll feel genuinely remorseful for it. He’ll apologize and try to make it up to you however he can.

8. He Won’t Make You Distrust Him

A guy like this won’t make you suspicious of his every move. He won’t cheat, sneak around behind your back, or lie straight to your face. No matter what, he’s always honest with you and tries to be as genuine as he can. You’ll never have a doubt over whether you trust him or not.

Getting back into a relationship after you’ve been with a narcissist can be tough. You can be afraid that you’re going to be treated in exactly the same ways as you were before. When you do find a good man, you’ll realize just how magical a relationship can be when it’s with the right person.

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Eva Jackson