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Ladies, Hear Me Out – A Loyal Man Looks Exactly Like This


A loyal man will make you feel like you are the most amazing and beautiful woman in the whole wide world. He is someone who will never make you insecure or doubt yourself. He will never make you question anything. Instead, he is someone who will encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

A loyal man will delete all his dating apps because he doesn’t need them anymore. He will get rid of his past loves and flings and he will concentrate only on you because he knows that he doesn’t need anyone else because he has you, so he has everything he needs. He doesn’t have a backup plan because he has planned a future with you. He wants a future with you for which he has high hopes.

A loyal man will care more than just sex. He will value you for things that go way higher than the physical. He will appreciate you for your intelligence, your sense of humor, and the goodness that you have in you, and not just your beauty. He is someone who values intimacy and who believes a true intimacy is more than getting naked. He loves to cuddle, hold hands, and listen to you. Really listen to you.

A loyal man won’t stop thinking about you even when you two are not together. He will check in with you to see how your day was and to make sure you are okay. He will send you text messages while he is out with friends. He will focus his attention on you every single day, and not only when you two are together.

A loyal man will show everyone that you two are a couple. He will introduce you to his family and friends. He will show you off to the world proudly. He will bring you to events when the people who know him, know your name as well because he told them about you.

A loyal man will answer every question that you have for him. He won’t try to escape from an uncomfortable conversation. He will always tell you the truth even though it might be hard for you to hear. He will tell you like it is because he wants you to be calm and doesn’t want your relationship to break apart due to some insecurities that you might have. Moreover, he respects you so much that he will present you all the information that you need.

A loyal man will have high moral values. He hates lies, manipulation, and cheating more than anything. He can’t understand how someone can be unfaithful to someone they love. He would never make an excuse when he hears that someone is being cheating. Instead, he would express his disappointment loudly because he understands that no one deserves to be with a cheater.

A loyal man will never hide anything from you. He will bare his soul to you. He will let you see the good sides as well as the bad sides of his character. He will be vulnerable to you. He will never hold himself back. His love for you will be clear to you as a day.

A loyal man is someone you know you can trust. Because he has proven to you time and time again that you can trust him. You are calm when you are with him. You are at peace with yourself and your relationship. You don’t worry whether you two would break up or that he would cheat on you. You know that he loves you and you love him and that you have a future with him.

You know that this man would never do anything to hurt you. Not in a million years.

Mary Wright