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Dear Shitty Husbands – Wake Up Before It’s Too Late!


Why do you leave your spouses to fight alone in a marriage when it is supposed to be two people working together?

I know what some of you might say: I am not a shitty husband – I work hard to pay for the bills, the house, our vacations, and our children; I am not a shitty husband – I help with things around the house, I take out the trash, I mow the lawn, I pick up the children from school…; I am not a shitty husband – I always make sure my wife has an orgasm once a week or month; I am not a shitty husband – I don’t do drugs, I am not an alcoholic, I don’t abuse her physically, I work out, and I am not a cheater!

But I want you to listen to me. Even though you might be doing all of these things, you can still be a shitty husband.

I may not know everything about marriage, but I do know one important thing. And I learned that thing when I was seeing my mother taking away her ring off and informing my father that she wanted a divorce. I didn’t understand what was happening back then, but I do now. And I understand my mother. In fact, I support her decision.

Because my father was not able to accept responsibility for his actions. There was clearly something that was upsetting my mother, something with which she wasn’t happy about. And my father wasn’t doing anything to solve the situation.

Yes, he loved her. Yes, he wanted to make her happy. Yes, he was providing for her. Yes, he didn’t want their marriage to end.

But, he was selfish. He was selfish for more than 10 years of their marriage together. He didn’t do anything that she wanted him to do. He was deaf on her heart desires. He took no interest to know her soul on a deeper level.

You see, my mom is someone who wants to be around her family. She is someone who loves nature as well. She also loves family vacations. And my father preferred to be around his friends and coworkers, watching the game and drinking beer. I think that in 10 years we went on 2 or 3 holidays all in all. He didn’t take my mother out or planned something for us as a family even though she was asking him to.

He unknowingly was committing the ultimate crime in a marriage – he was leaving my mother all alone.

And all of you who are unconsciously making this mistake, maybe you’ll realize it when it’s too late.

Perhaps you’ll realize it when you end up all alone, then you’ll know how your wife felt all those times she stayed at home on a Saturday night to do chores and take care of the kids while you were out with the boys.

That’s how she felt every time you refused to go with her to visit her family because you wanted to stay at home playing games or watching TV.

That’s how she was feeling whenever you went to a party drinking and laughing with your friends and never holding her hand or telling how gorgeous she looks or telling her you love her.

That’s how she felt anytime you failed to acknowledge all the good things that she was doing for you and the family.

Empty and alone.

And the sad thing is that you could have had the best intentions at heart. But, yet you couldn’t save your marriage from breaking.

Because as they say, the road to hell is often paved with good intentions.

But, gentlemen – it’s up to you. You don’t have to be a shitty husband. So, wake up before it’s too late!

Mary Wright