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Just Because I Carry It So Well, Doesn’t Mean It Is Not Heavy

just because someone carries it well

Just because just because I carry it so well, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy.

I read this quote the other day and it suddenly hit me. Everyone is carrying a heavy load. Some have it heavier than others, but that is life. And life is not always sunshine and rainbows. Life is difficult. It is full of struggles and misfortunes.

What makes life harder though, is our reactions to everyday situations, our thoughts that overbear us, and the stress that just keeps piling up.

Your Overthinking Creates Most of  Your Struggles

You know that girl who’s always putting up a brave face and going through life with a smile? You know, the one that’s always optimistic, lively, with a sheer smile on her face. The one that, no matter what, never allows the darkness of her problems consume her?

The one that constantly makes jokes, the one that finds a beam of light in even the darkest of hours… the one that takes every negativity with a grain of salt.

Well, I am that girl.

She sounds almost perfect, right? Almost too good to be true? In fact, I bet you would love to trade places with her. She looks like someone who doesn’t overthink her overthinking, hell, like someone who is not even bothered by overthinking in the first place, but in fact, she is just doing a great job at hiding her burdens and sorrows.

Everyone is carrying a sadness inside that we know nothing about. That’s why we need to be gentler and more compassionate with each other. We must be kind in this judgmental world because we are all in this together. We all carry a load that is difficult to carry on our own.

I too am guilty of dismissing a person and cutting them off from my life only to find later that they were battling something and then immediately I regret treating them like that. Because that person I cut off was carrying a load that was eating them up from the inside, and there I was – distancing myself because I didn’t want to deal with them.

I need to be better. You need to be better. We all need to be better people.

We are all carrying something that is heavy, murky, or unsettling.

Approaching my 26th birthday this year, I realized life definitely doesn’t get easier. But what do I earn if I get stuck in my head, giving in to my anxieties? Will life become any easier then?

Less complicated? Less unpredictable?

Fears make up our life. They shape our strength and sharpen our endurance. Without them, what really are we?

Without fighting against our fears, fighting against the current of life, without taking risks and challenges in stride, can we say that we’ve truly lived?

You Have to Face Your Fears to Align with Your Soul’s Mission

There are a lot of people in this world who have it a lot harder than you and me. There are also a lot of people who have it less hard, but it doesn’t mean that their load is insignificant. After all, loads are relative to the people that are carrying them – what’s heavy for me might be light to you and vice versa.

And this load we are carrying is not pointless. We are not wasting time with it. That load is teaching us to be still in this fast-paced world and have faith.

Even though we are going through a lot of hardships within us, with our families, or within our significant relationships – we are not missing out on our destiny and on the things that are meant for us.

The hard times will go away. Until then, let’s all show some grace. Let’s all be kind to other people, even to the people who carry well their load for they may be hiding the fact that their load is heavy and they are exhausted.

Everything that makes our soul tremble, everything that makes us feel uncertain, fearful, and confused, has a very specific purpose from a HIGHER perspective, and every time you face your fears and anxieties that make you feel like you are stepping on sweltering grounds, you, my friend, just UNRAVEL another, deeper layer of yourself within you, you never thought existed.

Stop turning your fears into burdens.

Stop sweeping your burdens under the carpet thinking that no one has the time to listen to how you feel. That everyone is busy to hear you out, to see you… to pay attention to YOU.

You need a day off too. You need someone to take care of you for a day.

You need to NOT care for a moment and breathe out all the stress and overthinking.

You need to lift off all your worries even for a day; you are only human, after all. You don’t have to be strong all the time. Let others be strong too. Being okay, feeling okay all the time is not a superpower God gave to humans, so why do you keep pushing yourself through thick and thin?

Why do you keep taking in all the pain of the world on your shoulders only? Why!?

Exactly! No reason why.

Stop worrying about tomorrow because it hasn’t arrived yet.

Stop worrying about your parents, your friends, your relatives, stop worrying about not being where you wanted to be by now because there is a reason for everything.

You need to take a second. You need to slow down, take a deep breath, and start living in the moment.

Plug yourself into the world because if you look around, you’ll realize that everything that’s going on inside of you is the result of your disconnection from the world… from reality… from YOU.

What’s the last time you did something you enjoyed?

Just Because I Carry My Load Well

Do you still dedicate time to your hobbies? Most probably not. Most probably, you started worrying and taking up other people’s burdens as a hobby.

Let go for a moment and see what happens. You’ve had it enough.


This is coming from the person that constantly kept stressing over everything and anything around her, but I learned from my mistakes. It took a massive burnout wrapped up in an emotional breakdown.

So learn to absorb only as much as you can. Not even a single droplet more. Communicate. Recharge. Soak in prayer, grace, and intention. Spread love and grace around the world. And keep the faith in a better tomorrow. You are not alone.

Mary Wright