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Love Is When Two Flawed Human Beings Refuse To Give Up On Each Other

Love Is When Two Flawed Human Beings Refuse To Give Up On Each Other

There is no perfect relationship. That would be boring, right? Relationships should be complex and challenging. Because a relationship that is not growing is dying. And it takes two emotionally strong and mature individuals to overcome any difficulty that may come their way.

Two souls who would never give up on their relationship and on each other.

Relationships were never meant to be perfect because nothing worthy in life ever comes easy, and relationships are no exception. When you love someone, you should be always willing to fight for them and for your relationship. Without excuses. Without second-guessing. Without doubts. Only with love.

The strongest relationships are strong because both partners look to solve problems instead of inflicting damage to the relationship. They know that the solution to every problem comes from within, and it can’t be found outside of the relationship.

They know that they are not perfect and that their partner is not perfect but they are willing to work on their issues for the sake of their relationship. Because their love is stronger than any argument or disagreement that comes between them.

We all should approach relationships with a dose of realism. No relationship is all sunshine and flowers. It requires constant work and a willingness from both partners to stay strong and endure any hardships that are going to happen inevitably.

But once we overcome the hard times, our relationship will grow stronger and the love between us will deepen and you will feel closer than ever. 

Because the main reason why relationships are hard is that we, as human beings, are complex creatures and sometimes we are difficult to deal with. We are all different and we carry different values, beliefs, and perspectives. We have flaws and we are far from perfect, but this doesn’t mean that there’s no beauty in imperfection.

The most beautiful thing is when two imperfect people do their best to have perfect love. They fight with all their strength to stay together, grow together, and build a life together.

And that is what makes relationships interesting and ever-growing. When two perfectly flawed individuals are willing to abandon their sense of selfishness and replace it with selflessness. When they can compromise. When they say ‘I am sorry’ even if they have done nothing wrong because they care for the other person more than for their ego.

When both partners make a conscious choice to stay together no matter what. And they stick to it.

After all, imperfections don’t matter if what you two have is true love. Partners who are genuinely in love with each other love deeply and entirely. Without reservations. Their imperfections are the things that make one perfect whole of their love.

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Mary Wright


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