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It’s Hard To Love A Woman Who Expects You To Leave


One moment she seems confident as she isn’t doubting your love for her, but in a blink of an eye, you can notice a change in her eyes, as if she is studying you with her eyes.

Yes, she is studying you. She is watching for red flags. She is looking to find if she stopped being a beautiful mystery to you and instead became nothing but a boring annoyance that you want to get rid of. Or worse, she is imagining the moment when you will leave and break her heart.

She is listening carefully to your words, trying to find a meaning behind them. Because at times, she is only waiting for you to leave not because she doesn’t love you and wants you to leave, but because she is accustomed to having men abandon her and leave her heartbroken.

The thought of having someone who will stay with her forever seems almost impossible.

Yes, some of you may say that this woman desperately needs healing. But the truth is, she has healed. Unluckily, women who always expect to be abandoned and left out in the cold won’t change their misfortune by healing, but by changing their thinking process.

Actions are what she needs to believe in love again.

Because loving a woman who expects you to leave means being aware that you must tell her a hundred times to stop worrying and expecting the worst. It means reassuring her to trust you that you’ll never hurt her.

She needs constant reassurance because giving all of herself again to someone who will end up leaving her, is something that she doesn’t want to experience again.

In reality, you are the only security she wants and needs to start believing in love again.

But, she needs time…

You will need to be very patient with this woman because she is so used to feeling like she is never enough and too much at the same time. She will come out of her shell, but it will be a slow process of constant overthinking and anguish.

Because the thing with a woman who has been left too many times is that she might hide her magic until she begins to trust you that you love her and you are not going anywhere. And that’s when you’ll realize that this woman who expected you to leave, is a woman who was always hoping that you would stay. This is the woman who loves you unconditionally.

This woman is a rarity in a world who has forgotten what true love is. Her heart is big and deep as the ocean and when she looks at you with her sparkly eyes, you’ll know she is the one.

That’s why you need to hold her tight. Kiss her wounds. Hug her soul.

Love her, especially at times when she is most confusing and annoying. Because she is worth it.

Love her, because a woman who is always expecting you to leave will do everything for you when she realizes that you are not going anywhere.

Mary Wright