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Don’t Destroy The Woman You Love, Let Her Stay The Person You Fell For


You’re with her because you love her and because she means something to you. If she wasn’t special to you, you wouldn’t stay with her, you wouldn’t have chosen her as your life partner. Don’t forget how much you care, because if you do you could end up hurting her more than anyone ever could.

She put her trust in you. It’s a trust that you will protect her and love her. Not once did she think that instead of her protector, you might be the one who harms her. So don’t destroy the woman you love, let her stay the person you fell for.

Keep Her The Way She Is

You fell in love with her for everything that she is. It was for her beauty, her intelligence, her personality, her humor. She was everything that you could ever dream for and more. Most of all, she made your life better. Having her around you was the best part of your entire day.

Why would you want to destroy that girl? Why would you want to take all the brightness from her and crush it? Keep her beautiful inside and out. Let her stay the warm, wonderful woman that you fell so deeply in love with.

Let Her Grow

People are constantly changing and growing. It’s a beautiful part of life that needs to be accepted. Let the woman that you love grow and find herself more each and every day. You’ll have the chance to fall in love with her all over again and discover new aspects of her as she discovers them too. Don’t ever stop her from growing, because to do so would kill the person that she really is.

Be Part of Her

If you love her, give your whole being to her. Learn about who she is right at the core and let her learn who you are too. Imagine that every day is a new opportunity to give yourself fully to love.

Don’t be distant with someone that you’re truly in love with. By doing that, you’ll leave her feeling isolated and afraid. Loneliness is the worst pain that you could ever inflict on someone that you care about. It creates a bitterness and a resent of the person who made her feel that way. She’ll no longer be your loving girl, but an angry one.  

Be Her Partner

In a relationship, there are two people, not just you. Don’t get with a woman just because you want her to fill a void inside of you. True love will make you feel whole again, but only if you give to her in return. Don’t choose someone just because you feel alone.

Be a team. Support her, respect her, help her when she needs you, and be a shoulder for her to cry on when times get tough. She’s put her heart in your hands, and she’s relying on you to take care of it. Don’t let her down.

You fell in love with a beautiful soul. You chose to be with her because you thought that who she was was perfect for you. Don’t destroy that part of her and let her lose herself because of you. Keep her safe, keep her beautiful, and care for her.

Always remember that you shouldn’t become her enemy. She loves you, and all she wants in return is your love and your acceptance of who she really is.

Eva Jackson