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The Right Person Will Do These 21 Things As Instinctively As Their Heart Beats


Life is pretty damn short, don’t you think?

I realized this not long ago when I finally put an end to something that lasted long enough to remind me that I have only one life to live.

I was trapped in a relationship that showed me how shallow and selfish people can be. It showed me how foolish we sometimes are to take life for granted. Luckily, I got out and realized that love should never be compromised.

Never ever. Even if they are the last person on earth. It’s just not worth it.

So, please. Take my advice and wait until you find someone who does these 21 things as instinctively as his heart beats:

1. Be with someone who understands your heart in ways no one ever did. Someone who knows exactly where to touch you to ignite a ferocious fire inside yourself.

2. Be with someone who loves to discover every part of your soul. A person who enjoys watching your favorite movie, theater performance or concert even when he is not much into it.

3. Be with a person who gets out of his way to see you. Someone who will do everything in his power to reschedule and devote the last hour of his day to you.

4. Be with someone who tells you how beautiful and gorgeous you are, even when you get out of bed with a swollen face and messy hair.

5. Be with someone who is happy to tell the world how successful and ambitious you are

6. Be with someone who kisses your forehead good morning. A person who tucks you into his nook and gently caresses your face while you fall asleep

7. Be with a person who carries you in the palm of his hands. Someone who protects you and makes you feel the safest you’ve ever felt.

8. Be with someone who is your unconditional support, your shoulder to cry on, your shelter when you need to escape from the world, your forever-after person.

9. Be with someone who surprises you with a fresh honey and cinnamon toast and warm glass of milk next to it.

10. Be with someone who is not afraid to undress his soul naked, open up and talk about everything he ever experienced. These rare moments of vulnerability are a sign that you have something special

11. Be with a person who won’t be able to fall asleep until he receives a text from you that you got home safe and sound.

12. Be with someone who stays up all night just to take care of your fever. A person who keeps you company and holds your hand while you’re waiting for your results at the doctor.

13. Be with a person who gives you the warmest and best hugs from behind. Someone whose touch electrifies your body and awakes every living part of your being.

14. Be with a person whose kiss makes your knees weak. Someone who knows exactly how to push your buttons only by putting his finger on your lips.

15. Be with someone who calls you by a cute, silly nickname that cracks you up whenever you hear it.

16. Be with someone who respects your opinions and enjoys engaging in deep, stimulating, intellectual conversations. A person who loves sharing his own unique perspective of the world with you.

17. Be with a person who doesn’t want to spend his life without you. Someone who won’t last even a day without your smile and touch.

18. Be with someone who stays sober just to look out for you. Someone who gives you piggy back rides all the way home because you can’t walk by yourself.

19. Be with someone who tells his family all about you.

20. Be with a person who knows when he’s wrong. Someone who apologizes and takes responsibility for his actions.

21. Be with someone who makes you feel stronger, braver and wiser. Someone who’s not only your inspiration to grow, but also your motivation to reach the highest of peaks and discover everything this life has in store for you.

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Stephanie Reeds