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It Takes A Grown, Wise Man To Realize That One Woman Is Enough


Don’t you ever feel like you’re stuck in the wrong century?

We’re living in the modern age of dating, more like a literal jungle if you ask me.

We’re surrounded by narcissistic pricks, selfish people who lack emotional maturity, fuckboys who use their cool exterior to fish for girls and break their hearts after a steamy one-night stand, people who like to sit on 2 or 3 stools without giving a damn about other people’s feelings, inconsiderate human beings who pretend to be your friend, so they can stab you in your back.

It’s hard to find a person who will respect you and be honest with you, let alone a partner who will freely open their heart, unlock the gates and welcome you into their world.

Now, before you all polygamists lash out on me and accuse me of being judgmental, let me make myself clearer.

Lying a person to their face, creating make-believe stories, making false promises and playing with someone’s feelings so you can juggle multiple women/ men is not polygamy.

That is the plague of the 21st century.

You can call me old-fashioned all you want, but I believe that it takes a real, grown and wise man to realize that one woman is enough.

It takes a committed and determined person to respect you for who you are, accept your flaws, embrace your imperfections and love you more than words can say.

The right one won’t be intimidated by your strong attitude or your weaknesses. He won’t fall in love with your perfection. On the contrary, he’ll fall in love with your silly flaws. The parts of you who make you exactly who you are. A unique and beautiful human being.

It takes a real man to understand that being loyal to a person means so much more than not sleeping around. It takes a wise, experienced man to know that being faithful is devoting your body, mind, and soul to one person because they’re everything you ever imagined and more.

It takes a mature man to really commit to a long-term, loving relationship without feeling afraid that his life is over. Because only a real man knows that love is one of the most amazing feelings and the world. And only he knows that finding a soulmate in a world governed by pleasure and profit is truly a blessing.

It takes a real man to utter those 3 powerful words everyone is so afraid to even think about. Because the right one won’t shy away and run from his feelings. He will undress his soul naked and let you know that you’re the best thing that ever happened to him.

Most importantly, it takes a real man to never take his woman for granted. Because only a real man will know how to cherish that woman for the rest of his life. Only a real man will fall in love with her each and every day, all over again.

A real man will do everything in his power to keep that fire between him and his loved one alive.

Stephanie Reeds