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8 Important Signs You’re With A Great Guy


A good guy can be hard to come by. We hear stories every day of women who end up with men that don’t respect them, who lie to them, or who take them for granted. When you find a man that treats you how you should be treated, cherish him.

Never settle for less than what you deserve and only ever allow yourself to be with a truly good man. Here are 8 important signs you’re with a great guy.

1. He Always Supports You

No matter what life might throw your way, he’s there with you through it all. He wants to see you achieve your goals in life and to be happy. Whenever you need his help, he will do his best to support you. He’ll help to guide you and be there for you when you need him.

2. He Shows You Respect

You’re not just “his girl”, you’re a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman. He knows your worth and shows his respect for you every day.  You’ll never be made to feel like you’re less than you are.

3. He Always Tries To Improve

He wants to become a better man. Not just for you, but for himself too. Every day is spent trying to improve himself, his skills, and his attitude towards life. To him, self-improvement is one of the most powerful things that someone can do.

4. He Shows You How Much He Cares

The little things are important, and he never forgets that. You’re never left guessing if he really cares about you because he shows you every day. Through his actions, both big and small, and through his words, he always makes you feel loved.

5. He Trusts You

You’ve never given him a reason not to trust you, so why wouldn’t he? He isn’t suspicious about where you are or who you’re with. When you tell him something, he accepts it as the truth.

6. He Makes You Feel Safe

Being in his arms is the greatest comfort that you can have. When you’re together, he makes you feel safe, warm and cared for. It feels right to be near him.

7. He’s Honest

When it comes to his past he’s an open book and doesn’t try to hide anything from you. He never tries to deceive you about the present or future either. Lying simply isn’t part of who he is.

8. He Loves You For Who You Are

He sees you, the real you, and he doesn’t try to change it. Who you truly are is the woman that he fell in love with. Your beauty, your brains, your personality, and even your flaws, he loves you unconditionally for all of it.

When you find a good guy, never let him go. The man who respects, appreciates, and loves you fully and deeply is the man that you should spend your life with. No matter what happens in the future, you know that he will be there for you. He makes your whole world better just by being in it.

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Eva Jackson