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It Is Okay To Allow Yourself To Fall Apart Sometimes


It is okay to fall apart. It is okay to feel sad and lonely. It is okay to have your heart broken. To have your illusions destroyed and feeling like you can’t take it anymore.

And instead of thinking of the heartbreak as a defeat, you should think of it as an invitation to go inside yourself and heal.

When it comes to relationships, it is okay for things to fall apart to see where you stand, to see whether you two were ever in love with each other.

But, you should also know that the path of your heart is vast and endless. And your heart needs you more than ever.

Love can be found in many forms. You’ll never know in what shape love will come to you next month or year. If you restrict yourself, however, you’ll harm yourself. You’ll break your heart by expecting only one kind of love and blocking out everything else that comes your way.

Before you decide to heal your heart, the most important thing that you should understand is that you are love. Also, be grateful for all the love that surrounds you, no matter what form it takes. Seek refuge there because love is eternal and that is what you are.

And if you caught yourself thinking that after the heartbreak your emotions will weaken, and you’ll feel less and care less – you are wrong. Because all the things that make you human – the rawness, your sensitivity, and your vulnerability – are still there inside you.

Because even in the hardest times love is asking us to feel more, to be present and open to more love. When the old things are falling apart, they are making space for new things to come your way.

That’s why it is necessary for you to keep your eyes and heart open. To let love come into your heart and heal your wounds.

Image: Kettenkarussell-Photography

Mary Wright