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It’s Not Real Love If You’ve Fallen For The Ideal – Real Love Is When You Accept Someone With Their Flaws


When you are truly in love with someone, you accept them as they are – flaws and all.

You don’t wish for things to be different because you are happy with the way things are – right now.

You neither ask them to change nor you want them to change. You didn’t fall for an ideal person, you fell for the messy and flawed individual that is right in front of you.

Because, when you really love someone, you love them with their imperfections.

You accept their past baggage. You accept their mistakes. You accept their character and their whole personality.

However, accepting someone for who they are doesn’t mean that you accept a rude behavior as well. It doesn’t mean that you allow them to treat you badly. It also doesn’t mean that you should make excuses for them if they take you for granted or don’t treat you with respect. In this case – you leave.

But, if your relationship is a healthy one, based on mutual love and understanding, then you fight for it.

You understand that no one is perfect and that’s why you don’t get angry at them when they snap at you without a reason. You know that we all have our bad days and you see that they didn’t mean anything bad. The intention was pure.

When you love someone, you accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes. So, you accept their apology when they admit they screwed something up. You don’t hold grudges. You don’t plot a revenge. You just forgive and forget.

Instead, you support them. You stand by their side and you encourage them to be better. To do better. You motivate them to become the best version of themselves.

You both grow together and the bond between you strengthens day by day.

Because you love each other for the imperfect human beings that you both are.

Mary Wright