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A Woman Like You Is A Warrior – Never Broken, Always Breaking Through


My dear warrior woman.

There are always going to be days like this. Days when you feel like the sun stopped shining. Days when the dark is all around you, making you want to crawl into your bed and just forget about anything and anyone.

Because suddenly everything is too much.

You feel broken.

You feel as though the world has suddenly become a cold place and the Universe is plotting against you as you struggle to calm your racing heart and breathe through the clogged-up emotions in your chest.

You are hurting.

Sometimes you think that you should just give up and remain under your covers forever. Sometimes, you forget how strong you are. You forget that giving up is not an option for you.

Because you are a warrior. A true woman warrior with a golden heart. And you are definitely NOT broken.

Yes, you might have received a few blows along the way that hurt you. But, you are not broken. There is still the fire inside you ready to burn again brighter than ever and light your way to the future.

You might have given your heart to someone who didn’t deserve it and twisted your perception of love. Someone who confused your vulnerability for weakness. Someone who took you for granted.

But, you are more than them. They are not dragging you down. You are more than the pain, the rejection, and the aggression due to their shallowness.

Like a phoenix, you always rise from the ashes. Stronger than ever.

You are resilient. Always were. Always will be.

Remember, the Universe always gives the hardest battles to its strongest soldiers. The Universe likes to test your strength and endurance. But it knows that a warrior woman like you won’t be defeated. You’ll dust yourself off and keep on moving forward.

You won’t allow the pain to shape your reality or turn you into a cold person. Your softness, kindness, and vulnerability are traits that only rare and strong people possess. Weak people can’t be vulnerable.

You are a good and loving woman who has a complete control over herself and her emotions.

Even though the pain right now is too deep and too real, you must remember who you are. You mustn’t give up on yourself. You need you.

And remember, a woman like you is never broken. She is only breaking through.

Mary Wright