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It Is Both A Blessing And A Curse To Be An Empath In This Cruel World Of Ours

It Is Both A Blessing And A Curse To Be An Empath

Empathy. The magical ability to see inside people’s hearts and experience everything that they go through.  In a nutshell, feeling everything too deeply.

Empaths are the most extraordinary human beings that ever walked the Earth. These people are given the gift of Clairsentience. They have the power to intuit information through clear feeling. As a result, their ability allows them to see with the eyes of another, feel with the heart of another and listen with the eyes of another.

Now, while this sounds like something most of us would wish for in a heartbeat, having an empathic soul in a cruel world like ours is truly difficult. In fact, it is both a blessing and a curse.

Being powerful enough to feel someone’s pain and help them heal is a truly wonderful and noble thing that not all of us can do… However, it comes with a price. A price that most empaths pay on a daily basis.

Exhaustion, chronic fatigue, feelings of confusion and emptiness are just some of the issues these people experience. That is why they are very careful about who they make connections with and how emotionally they invest themselves in those connections.

If you don’t have an empath in your life, here are some characteristics about them that will help you understand them:

1. Empaths are sensitive human beings. As I said, they feel things too deeply. That is why most of them try to conceal that fact. Empaths don’t want to burden people with their own struggles, they want to be seen as a source of strength for those around them.

2. They have an introvert nature. Since they are constantly in touch with everyone around them, empaths value their time spent alone more than anything else. Their introvert nature requires them to make a lot of breaks to heal mentally and emotionally.

3. They easily absorb the emotions of others. Empaths can feel your happiness, but they can also sense your sadness. These individuals connect to others on an emotional level. That is why most of the time they experience emotions that aren’t theirs.

4. They are deeply connected to nature. As I said, this gift that empaths possess can be quite exhausting at times. That is why empaths enjoy recharging themselves in nature. Nothing heals them better like spending time outdoors does.

5. They have a special ability to see through other people. And detect their vicious lies. If you suspect someone, just ask your fellow empath. These people have the sharpest minds when it comes to reading a person’s emotions and true intentions.

6. Empaths have a strong sense of intuition. This is what usually guides them through life and helps them make the right decision. An empath will trust their gut feeling more than anything else. Their intuition has never lied to them.

7. They love deeply. And not just their close circles of friends. Empaths love every human being equally. If you ask me, I believe they are put here to protect us and take care of us. Real guardian angels in a human form. That is why we must always respect them. Cherish them. Love them. Take care of them. But most importantly, we must always give them the time to heal.

Stephanie Reeds