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Just Smile And Be Grateful For Being You

Just Smile And Be Grateful For Being You

Have a nice day my wonderful friends from all over the world!

Why don’t we take a moment here and celebrate ourselves? The social media is full of negative and scary things – from global warming to the lurking 3rd world war, everything we read seems to lead to our inevitable doom.

We need more positivity. We need optimism. We need happy faces. We have forgotten ourselves. We’ve lost ourselves in this consumeristic society that conditions our brain and changes our mindset to believe that we are not good enough, that we are not good enough on our own, but that expensive dress, that luxurious car, or the latest iPhone can make it all better.

Let’s for a moment step aside from everything and just enjoy life. Let’s smile. Let’s nourish our soul with positivity and happiness. It’s not so hard.

Let’s all be grateful for everything we are and what we have in life instead of what we lack. Gratitude is everything. It’s a pure blessing and love.

Just Smile And Be Grateful For Being You

Let’s go out in nature. Allow nature to heal us from the stress we are facing. Because nature is the best healer and the best medicine. So, let’s take deep breaths and meditate while listening to the beautiful music that only nature can produce.

Give yourself a break. Read a book. Listen to your favorite music. Buy yourself a chocolate cake. Take a day off just for you and do anything that will warm your soul.

Avoid any kind of toxicity. Set firm boundaries, with your parents, your spouse, your children, your friends, your coworkers… anyone that you get in touch with. Make it clear how you like to be treated.

Finally, LIVE IN THE MOMENT. You are here. You survived. You only have this life. Make the best out of it. And always remember to love yourself and put yourself first.

Take care.

Mary Wright