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In 2023, I Am Cutting Off Any Toxicity & I Am Focusing On Me


In 2023, I am not allowing toxic people anywhere near me. I am not going to be guilt-tripped into answering calls and texts or going out with someone who has hurt me. I no longer need their toxicity in my life because I have outgrown their immature behavior.

I will never again fool myself into thinking that I was wrong for walking away.

Walking away from people, places, or situations that don’t serve me doesn’t make me childish. It makes me strong. And if they don’t understand that, then it’s their problem. I’ll block their number if I have to, but I will no longer put my happiness and inner peace at risk.

In 2023, I will only put effort into things that matter. I won’t waste my energy worrying about those who couldn’t care less about me. I am done. I won’t waste my “f**ks” on unimportant things and people.

Instead, I will follow the passion that burns inside me. I will focus on myself. I will set new goals and focus on them while forgetting everything else. I realized that my time is precious, and the years are passing by quickly, so I won’t take the rest of my time here on Earth for granted.

In 2023, I will take better care of my mental health. I will take a day off from work if I start shaking for no reason. Anxiety is a condition, and I will treat it accordingly. I will take deep breaths instead of a few glasses of alcohol. When I am in pain and feeling lost, I’ll go to therapy. I will no longer allow my emotions to bottle up inside me.

In 2023, I will improve the relationship with myself. I’ll stop wishing I looked different. I’ll stop thinking I am not good enough, not beautiful enough, not smart enough…

I’ll be warmer to myself. I’ll be kinder and more loving to myself. Because at the end of the day, I only have me. And we are all beautiful and exceptional as we are.

In 2023, I will stop grieving over those people who don’t see my worth, and I’ll show more appreciation and gratitude for having people who truly value me.

Instead of wanting something I can’t have, I’ll begin to be thankful for all the wonderful things and people that are already there in my life.

In 2023, I will be leaving my comfort zone more often. I won’t get stuck in one place. I won’t settle for average. I will take risks. I will take a leap of faith and go into the unknown. Because the scariest things are usually the things that bring us most satisfaction in the end.

That’s why I won’t hold myself back anymore. I will push aside all my fears and worries, and I will make it happen.

Because in 2023, I will enjoy every single moment. And I promise to myself that this will be a year to remember.

Mary Wright