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8 Struggles You’ll Experience If You’re An Over-Thinker And A Sensitive Soul


Being an overthinker can be hard enough as it is. You spend a huge amount of your time lost in thought, analyzing, and planning. If you’re highly-sensitive on top of all that, you’ll find that you’ll run into quite a few problems.

Life isn’t easy for these kinds of people, and there are definitely some troubles they can all relate to. These are 8 struggles you’ll experience if you’re an over-thinker and a sensitive soul.

1. You Care Too Much About People’s Opinions

People often say that what other people think doesn’t matter, that it’s your own opinion that counts. Unfortunately, you have trouble accepting that. You might not like to admit it but you care deeply about other people’s opinions of you.

2. You Crave Affection

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be loved, but you can’t go without it. At all times, you need to have someone in your life who cares deeply about you. If you don’t, you feel lost and incomplete.

3. You’re Constantly Searching for a Purpose

“What’s the meaning of life?” It may be a cliché, but it’s something that you ask yourself a lot. You’re desperate to know why you’re here and what you should do with your time on Earth. Even if you never find the answer, you’ll keep searching.

4. You Have Trouble Understanding People

You’re extremely empathetic, but sometimes you just don’t get people. They can be highly-insensitive at times or do things in a way that you would never dream of. Other people can leave you scratching your head a lot of the time.

5. You Feel Things Are Only One or the Other

You see the world in black and white. It doesn’t matter how many times people point out the gray areas to you, you only see a binary. Since your emotions tend to be so extreme, so does your outlook on the world.

6. You Have Trouble Sleeping

Thoughts and emotions can keep anyone up at night. For someone who thinks so deeply and feels just as much, falling asleep can be a huge struggle. You’re often left in bed questioning yourself, your life, the past, and the future for hours on end.

7. You Can’t Just Live Now

Everyone tells you to live in the moment, but that’s not an easy task. You tend to dwell on the past far more than you should. A lot of your time is spent going over past events and seeing how you would do thing differently. As well as that, you also like to plan every intricate detail of the future too.

8. People are Easily Overwhelmed by You

You have a big personality. Since you’ve spent so much time reflecting, you have a lot of opinions. These opinions are also influenced by your emotional nature. When you feel a certain way about something, you do so very strongly. This approach can be too much for some people to handle.

Living with these everyday struggles is an absolute nightmare. It can disrupt your day and leave you feeling completely drained. Remember to take some time for yourself to recharge. If everything seems a bit much, do something fun for a while to distract yourself from the noise of your mind and your overwhelming sensitivity.

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Eva Jackson