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Don’t Waste Your Time On Someone Who Comes Back – If They Love You They Won’t Leave You


Most romantic comedies follow along with the same premise – two people fall in love, have a fight, break up, and then get back together for their happy ending. What’s so romantic about that storyline? If they really loved each other, they wouldn’t have given up on each other in the first place.

You deserve so much more than a relationship like that. You should have someone in your life who always chooses you, not who chooses to take you back. Don’t waste your time on someone who comes back – if they love you they won’t leave you.

You Deserve Love That’s Stronger Than Any Argument

Couples fight, that’s just a fact. They argue about small things, like whose turn it is to take out the trash, as well as things that are seemingly colossal. If someone allows these things to get in the way of their love for you, you need to ask yourself how much they really care.

They say that “love conquers all” so why can’t it conquer something as trivial as an argument. Surely, if whatever caused you to fight was big enough to make you break it off, it wouldn’t be a relationship worth ever getting back into.

You deserve someone who loves you enough to never let words stand in the way. They should love you unconditionally. You partner should be the person who stands by you no matter what. If they break that trust, you shouldn’t have to give them a second chance.

You Deserve to Be Someone’s First Choice

You’re worth something amazing. If someone is too blind to see that, then let them go. You shouldn’t ever be someone’s second option when they have no one left to turn to. Most of all, you shouldn’t be someone’s safety net just because they’re scared to be alone.

Someone who really loves you will make you their priority. They’ll want to be with you, and only you. Unlike people that are just here to play games, someone who truly cares about you won’t leave you behind and come back when they’re bored. They’ll want to be with you more than they want anything or anyone else.

You Deserve Someone Who Isn’t Afraid of Love

In a relationship, you’re allowed to be passionate and affectionate. You’re allowed to tell them that you love them and talk to them about the future. If that scares them away or they need a “break,” they’re not worth the love that you’re giving them.

One day you’re going to meet someone amazing who appreciates the passion in the way that you love. Not only that, but they’ll return it to you tenfold. The only person that you should ever settle for is someone who loves you just as much as you love them. Don’t waste your time on someone who’s scared away so easily.

You deserve so much more than someone who comes back. What you deserve most in life is someone who would never dream of leaving you. That’s the only kind of love that’s worth settling for.

Have you been in a relationship like this? Share your experiences with us.

Eva Jackson